Randomness: Do You Prefer …?

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

week of sept 23: do you prefer…

  1. day or night? Daytime …I used to be more a night owl, but 2.5 years of a job where I normally start at 6:30 AM has squashed that out of me. Now I have a hard time staying up past 11 or 12 PM!
  2. chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate 100%!
  3. coffee or tea? Tea. I love me some coffee but my intestines don’t like it anymore =( I love Earl or Lady Grey or specialty teas.
  4. renting a movie and staying home or going out to the theater? Hmm … depends on the movie. Action? Theatre. Thriller? Home. Fantasy? Theatre. Romance? Home.
  5. regular books or audio books? Regular books regularly. If I’m working on a knitting project, however, I love audiobooks!
  6. driving to a faroff destination or just taking an airplane? I honestly don’t know! I haven’t been on a long road trip since grade five. I love flying though! Maybe if Brad and I ever take a long road trip I can let you know whether I preferred it over flying.
  7. hamburger or hotdogs? Homemade hamburgers beat out a hotdog any day!
  8. listening to music or watching tv? I love watching tv, but  we haven’t gotten any channels in almost 2 years!
  9. Desperate Housewives or Survivor? Neither (see above)
  10. homecooked meal or fancy restaurant? Fancy restaurant, hands down! I love homecooked meals (like my Mom’s beautiful turkey dinners … *drool*), but going out to a fancy restaurant is great too, because I eat things that I wouldn’t normally get in a homecooked meal – like grilled salmon (my fav)! We are in love with a small bistro within walking distance of our place called Amuse-Bouche (it’s on Locke St.). Phenomenal!

till next time…


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One response to “Randomness: Do You Prefer …?

  1. Brad

    …and you hear enough music by association 😉

    I find your answers to these incredibly entertaining and even sometimes surprising (*rare…but still*) considering I’m married to you!

    I need a blog and (insert list of social network stuff) here…so I can also partake. Although, I don’t think I would be as witty or interesting.

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