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Awesome giveaway!

Click here to check out a great cloth diaper giveaway!

I sooooo want to win this – it would be great if we could get a head-start on our cloth diaper collection!



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Abandon your blog much?

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this blog thing. My apologies, faithful readers, that I have not been faithful in keeping you updated on our lives! I must admit – having lost our camera cord is making it difficult for me to blog about stuff, since I so enjoy blogging about the pictures I’ve taken. I tend to keep a fairly decent picture diary of my life (when I remember the camera), so normally when I go to blog, I look at the pics and figure it out from there, unless something has really been on my mind.

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Coolest. Animation. Ever.

Click here to see an incredible pregnancy animation – I saw it a couple of months ago and remembered it this week.


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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Brad and I celebrate our first anniversary today! YAY us! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! It’s just flown by!

We took borrowed a car and drove down to the Norfolk County Fair for the afternoon and had a great time looking at the ridiculously sized squash! I’m currently yearning for my camera cord so I can share the insanity that is an 1100 lb pumpkin. We then went for a fantastic dinner at The Erie Beach Hotel (where myself and both sisters once worked – and it literally hasn’t. changed. a bit. since I worked there, almost 10 years ago!), played mini-golf, walked around town, and stayed overnight at Clonmel Estates – a huuuuge estate that I’ve wanted to stay at ever since I was a little girl! It was the perfect ending to our first year together, and the perfect beginning to the next! I think we’re going to try and visit places in only Ontario for our anniversaries – I think it would be tonnes of fun to pick a different place in Ontario every year to visit!

Crystal from The Song of My Soul tagged me again =) This time it’s for a screenshot of your desktop. So without further ado, here’s the insanity of my desktop currently (it’s been much, much worse):


Can you see the documents on the right at the bottom?

Those are all the documents I currently have open for composing my paper. Ugh.

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Does anybody …

… want to write my paper for me? It’s worth 50% of my mark and due in two weeks. We have to ask a question based on an ‘issue’ facing nursing or the health care system and answer the question using literature. I know it’s super easy to write, I just don’t want to!

I think I’ve chosen medical futility as my topic. This site defines medical futility as “interventions that are unlikely to produce any significant benefit for the patient.” This includes issues like …

  • surgeries that prolong life but don’t cure and don’t lead to a better quality of life
  • families keeping loved ones alive using life-saving treatment when the patient is no longer coherent or is in a vegetative state (ie. a coma)

I see the latter where I work all the time: patients who are begging you to stop treating them, but who have been declared “incapable of making decisions regarding their health” by a physician. Thus the family is calling the shots, and since they’re not ready to let go? … Well, I’m sure you understand.

Anyways, I think it’ll make for an interesting paper! Wish me luck =)


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