Abandon your blog much?

Wow. I don’t even know where to begin with this blog thing. My apologies, faithful readers, that I have not been faithful in keeping you updated on our lives! I must admit – having lost our camera cord is making it difficult for me to blog about stuff, since I so enjoy blogging about the pictures I’ve taken. I tend to keep a fairly decent picture diary of my life (when I remember the camera), so normally when I go to blog, I look at the pics and figure it out from there, unless something has really been on my mind.

We do have a couple of pretty crazy things going on in our lives right now!

First and foremost, we found out on October 6 (the day before our first anniversary) that we’re expecting! (Thanks for ruining the surprise, Russell!) My due date is June 14, 2008, so I’m currently 7 weeks and 3 days along. We went to an ultrasound last Thursday to confirm that all is well (I was having some pain on one side, so the doctor wanted to rule out an ectopic pregnancy) and of course, all was well, and we got to see the little heartbeat! Our baby was, at the time, 9 mm long – it was so incredible to see! We are happy and excited, and I am nauseous =) And I have the hiccups. All. Day. Long. (No, not every couple of seconds, but 3 or 4 times an hour … it’s quite bizarre). This week (Saturday to Saturday), our baby will grow from the size of a blueberry to the size of a medium green olive and is growing little hands and feet. Apparently his/her eyes already have some colour and are covered partially by eyelids – and some people say a baby this young isn’t a person! *shakes head*

Our other crazy news is that our baby will get to be born in the house that we just bought with our good friends, Dave and Crystle! In a flurry of activity covering a whopping 3 or 4 days, we bought a house together that we take possession of on January 17, 2008. Wow! I will definitely write a whole post about this amazing process later … God is undeniably apparent in all that happened.

So for now: I’m preggers and we bought a house! Apparently, (and please read this with the largest soaking of sarcasm you can) Brad and I don’t think anything is worth doing without the added stress of school on top of it! But hey – God’s plans usurp our own time and time again, and we’re okay with that!



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7 responses to “Abandon your blog much?

  1. Yay for hearing a heartbeat. What a sweet sound. I’m glad to hear all is well. Things sound very exciting at your end. Try always having a handful of almonds or some protein snack nearby… especially in class (except maybe uhm, science labs) to keep your blood sugar even… helps a little with the nausea πŸ™‚ Hoping to blog today… I’ve been away from my blog too for a little while. sigh.

    Take care,

    Julie-Anne πŸ™‚

  2. kimschell

    Thanks for stopping by, Julie-Anne! Thanks for the advice, too, it’s not nearly as bad when I ACTUALLY eat every two hours – it’s just remembering to do it that’s the problem =)

  3. Aunt Connie

    Hey Kim..must you insist on doing EVERYTHING around My Birthday..lol..You got married the day after my B/D, found out you were preggies ON my B/D..lol..and Wow now a House..Your Mom never said a thing to me..Congrats all the way around..Our little Kimmy preggy..wow..time flies by so fast..too fast..for us..Baby Boomers..Good Luck and like I said let me know if you need things..Getting rid of a futon..dishes..glasses..cook ware etc..I was going to sell but if you can use anything I have it is yours…You and Brad are an amazing couple and will make wonderful Parents..I’m so proud to call you my neice..Love Aunt Connie

  4. kimschell

    LOL … your birthday’s just a popular time of year for us, I guess! October’s our favourite month =) Thanks for the congrats and for stopping by!

  5. Congrats!! How exciting. πŸ™‚

  6. As one of the “lurkers” on your blog, I thought I should finally wish you a (very) belated congratulations and blessings on expecting a baby and getting a house! I’m very excited for you – and I look forward to hearing more about how things go.

  7. kimschell

    Thanks a bunch, Brenda!! And thanks for stopping by and commenting – it’s kinda fun to know I’ve got a lurker =)

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