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I actually won something! Remember the Babylegs giveaway a few weeks back? Turns out that I won second place, so I get to pick out two pairs of Babylegs for our little one to have when he/she is born!! WUHOO!!! Just waiting for Mel from Our Blessed Arrows to contact me and let me know my options =) Thanks a bunch, Mel – I’m super excited to have won … I never EVER win things!!!

In sad news … my aunt’s surgery didn’t go terribly well. She was supposed to be released from hospital Wednesday morning, and she was finally released today. Apparently there was some internal bleeding and another surgery, but things are looking up now. I feel horrible that I didn’t call home earlier to find out – I kind of assumed my mom would let me know. BAD ASSUMPTION, KIM! Aunt Connie, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry to hear about the troubles and I’m so sorry I didn’t call and check up earlier!!! I love you and I hope you’re doing alright!! If anyone could join us in lifting my aunt up in prayer, that would be wonderful!


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Please pray …

… for my Aunt Connie. She is battling breast cancer and is going for a double mastectomy and a total lymph node disection on one side and a lymph node removal/biopsy on the other.  I am praying that God would guide the surgeon’s hands, be with her throughout the surgery and comfort her in the recovery period! Her surgery is TOMORROW MORNING, so if you all could take a minute and send up a prayer for her, I would appreciate it!

My sister made the following picture, so I thought I’d post it here too:

Get Well Soon


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11 Weeks Belly Shot

11 Weeks

Here’s my belly from today =) It’s definitely grown a bit since last week’s picture … and my belly button is already getting shallower – lol.

This week, our baby starts to be able to open and close it’s hands and might begin hiccuping. All the books say I should start to feel better by now, and thank goodness I have!


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Baby’s First Picture

We went for the ultrasound today – it was INCREDIBLE!!!! When the technician had finished all her measurements, she turned the monitor to us and explained what parts we were looking at. I asked why the baby wasn’t moving (I was really hoping to see him/her move!), and she said it was probably because it was sleeping. So she tried to wake him/her up by pushing my uterus with the u/s thing, which made me laugh which made the baby wake up!! We then got to see our little blessing moving it’s arms and legs and bouncing around and pushing off my uterus … it was so beautiful! The heartbeat was 160, and she said I was measuring right on for 11 weeks! Wuhoo! So, the baby’s about the size of a lime =)

Baby’s First Pic

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40 GB … right …

So Brad called me at work on Saturday asking about whether or not we have unlimited Internet up/downloads (ie. bandwidth). I said that yes, I was pretty sure we did.

Well, apparently we used to.

We got our internet bill this month and it was $30 over what we normally pay. $30!! That’s half a bus pass! That’s almost sponsoring a child through World Vision, that’s another phone bill, that’s … you get the picture.

Apparently they’ve capped the bandwidth at 60 GB per month, which most people would never come close to using. In fact, when we looked at our previous internet usages (from last year at this time), they were 4 GB, 6 GB, sometimes 20 GB, but nowhere close to 60 GB.

Except this past month. Our usage was 130 GB. Yes. You read that right. That’s bigger than my entire hard drive!

When we were talking about how on earth we could have used that much bandwidth, Brad explained that every time you watch a YouTube movie or surf the internet, or read a blog, or go on forums, you’re downloading stuff from the internet.

He said,  “You’ve been doing a lot more of that lately,”

I said, “How much of that do you think is because of you downloading all your music ?”

He thought a moment. “I don’t know … maybe 90 GB?”

Right. Me surfing the web like I always have a watching a tad more YouTube movies has me using up 40 GB of bandwidth. I believe I laughed.

He then thought a moment more and began to backpedal. “Wait. Yeah. No. Maybe most of that is from me …”

My response? “Like you totally just tried to blame me for 40 GB! Because of YouTube!”

And we shared a good laugh.

You see, my darling husband has discovered torrents, which has allowed him to download an (apparently) obscene amount of data (generally, music) in the last month. When he bought his new computer, the amount of hard-drive space he had went up 50%. He now has 1000 GB of space on his computer. (That’s more than 8x the amount on mine … and I haven’t even used half in three years!) He was able to call and get the charges reversed (because Bell did NOT inform us that they were changing their policy).

I still laugh, though. Yeah. Like it was me who used up all that bandwidth. Riiight. =)

(p.s. ultrasound tomorrow!!! WUHOO!)


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The long-awaited belly pics!!

We finally got a contraption to get our pictures off the camera and onto my computer, so I now have a plethora of pictures that are begging to be shown to you all. Before I start composing posts made up of pictures and their descriptions (lol … because that’s soooo exciting), I thought I’d post some belly pics! Apparently, when you can’t look at the pictures on the computer, you don’t really know whether or not you’re consistently standing in the same spot. I am not. As weeks go on, I get closer and closer =) Continue reading


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randomness: Giving Thanks

Heehee … apparently this meme is American, since it’s their Thanksgiving this week. That’s okay though, I’m playing anyways =)

randomness…feed your mind and your blog

week of November 18: Giving Thanks

With Turkey Day so near, lets blog about it!

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Do you cook or go out to eat?

Before our wedding, we normally did Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Sunday and with Brad’s on Monday. Last year, because we got married Thanksgiving weekend, we ate at the Inn (it was delicious food!). This year, we didn’t eat Thanksgiving dinner at all, sadly.

What has been the best Thanksgiving for you? The worst?

I think the best was last year because of the wedding, although this year was pretty awesome because we found out about our little bean =) I don’t believe I’ve had a ‘worst’.

What are you thankful for?

First and foremost, God! That He loves me and cares for me and wants to have a relationship with me. Second, for my loving husband who I am LOVING spending my life with!! Third, for the miracle of life and that our baby is growing in my womb … I can’t wait to meet him/her. Also, for my family who is so supportive of our choices (even when they don’t agree). And I’m always thankful that we have the ability to go to church freely and go to school, and that we have enough money to put food on our table and a rook over our heads.

Any special traditions you do?

From now on, we’ll probably go away for Thanksgiving, since it’s our anniversary. We decided this year to try and visit a new B&B somewhere in Ontario every year. Hopefully, though, the next years will include turkey =)

<em>an extra sidedish this week:</em>

cranberry sauce or gravy?

Gravy all the way.

white meat or dark?

White meat – especially if it’s my mom’s. She makes the most fabulous turkey and NONE of it is dry.

yams, with or without marshmallows?

We don’t do yams often, but I’m going to say without.

stuffing or no stuffing?

Oh, the delicious stuffing … *drools*

pumpkin pie or apple pie?

Pumpkin. I’m so sad that I didn’t get ANY!!!

till next time…Happy Thanksgiving!

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