Collosal Tiredness

Wow. I never truly understood what people meant when they said they’re super tired during the first trimester. I get it now! At 7:00 pm tonight, I was dreaming about curling up in bed – it’s 8:45 pm now and I can barely keep my eyes open. I’ve never been one to be tired, but I definitely am now!! And I’ve discovered that my nausea is definitely sleep-related. When I can get lots of sleep (preferably by sleeping until later than 5:20 am) I feel pretty well great all day! When I don’t get sleep? Nausea all day. It’s hard to get 8 or 9 hours the days I work though, since that would put me to bed at … 8:30 – 9:30 pm, which is generally not do-able with homework. Only a few more weeks in this trimester, though. And really? I have it good.

I’m currently in my ninth week. Our baby has fingers and toes, his/her tail is almost gone (wuhoo!) and on Saturday (the beginning of my 10th week), he/she will be the size of a plum. Apparently little limbs are flailing around in my womb although I obviously can’t feel it!

I’ve got my first midwife appointment this coming Tuesday and I’m really excited for it – hoping to get another ultrasound to confirm that everything’s going well, although my nausea, hiccuping, still-elevated temperature, and night-peeing should be enough to tell me that all is well! I’m hoping to get my doctor-ordered blood work drawn tomorrow before clinical so that the midwives will have the results when I go on Tuesday.

The first few weeks went soooo slow. Now that I’m coming up on 9 weeks, everything seems much more real, especially with the looming midwife appointment. I can’t wait to meet my midwife, Anne! She came highly recommended to me from a friend who had a homebirth with her second baby in July this year.

I broke down and bought a Tummy Sleeve at Motherhood Maternity on Monday night and joyously wore jeans on Tuesday for the first time in two weeks or so. I’d been wearing the same brown cords out of the house since I stopped being able to sit in buttoned jeans. The tummy sleeve is Motherhood’s cheaper knock-off of the Bella Band [that link there shows how it can be worn]. I love that thing. It’s my new best friend, especially because I’m only 8.5 weeks, so it’s a bit early for maternity clothes (all my tops still fit!) and I don’t have money for them just yet. This way, I’ll get as much use out of my regular clothes as I can. It was sooooo nice to sit down and be comfortable in real clothes for the first time in a while!

School’s going well, although Brad and I are both pretty busy. Brad is significantly busier than I – poor thing, dealing with school and a complainy tired wife. It makes things a little difficult. Where I would normally pick up the apartment-slack, I’ve been slacking because of fatigue and nausea … our apartment looks awful, there’s a pile of clothes to be washed the size of Texas and our bedsheets haven’t been changed in … longer than you’d like to know.

I am taking weekly pictures of my belly, and I’ll start posting them once Brad and I get our butts to Canada Computers for a picture transfer thinger. I’ll post one-a-month ones until things start happening, and then I’ll probably post one-a-week with my development updates. I’m so excited to have a belly!

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s bedtime now. Goodnight all!


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3 responses to “Collosal Tiredness

  1. SO – when were you emailing Australia to let us know?!?! 🙂


  2. kimschell

    LOL – I figured you ruined the surprise, I’d make you wait till you checked my blog =) Thanks for the congrats – we’re pretty pumped! I can’t wait to meet him/her!!

  3. the big sister

    nevermind the house lady, just let it get messy. its so important that you sleep when you feel tired… everything else just shouldn’t matter right now 🙂 can’t wait for those belly shots!!

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