9 weeks!

Well, I’m currently 9 weeks, and our little one is growing bigger and bigger! By Saturday, he/she will be the size of a small plum and actually have a measurable weight! Wuhoo!!

I’m quite sad though!! I was supposed to have a midwife appointment tomorrow, but they had to cancel because my midwife is going to be inducing someone and therefore (obviously) won’t be able to meet me. *HUGE POUT* The appointment was rescheduled for next Monday … a whole week away! I’m so excited to meet her and I’ve been looking forward to this appointment for more than a month. I actually almost started crying on the phone – thanks, hormones =) ! … So I’ll see her next Monday, and I’ll be 10 weeks – we should be able to hear the heartbeat by doppler at that point, so that’ll be cool anyways!

P.S. I promise at some point my posts won’t only be once-a-week about my pregnancy. Things are just a little busy right now!!!


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