Another great giveaway!

Our Blessed Arrows is giving away Babylegs this week!! Check out the entry here.

I’d love to have some of these since we’re planning on cloth diapering and this product would make diaper changes a touch easier!! (no onesies to unsnap, just change baby’s bum and go!)



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7 responses to “Another great giveaway!

  1. the big sister

    those are so cute!!! i want some for liam now 🙂

  2. kimschell

    Well you’ll just have to enter! All you have to do is leave a comment. You can enter for a second time by linking to the post on your blog and leaving the link for your entry in the comments (in a separate post from the original entry).

  3. the big sister

    okay i’ll enter, i might even order some online with paypal – do you want me to get you some too?

  4. the big sister

    there i entered, i hope we win!!

    about the kushies stuff you gave us for our shower, where did you find it? i really love the brand. the feet in the onesies are perfect & his feet don’t fall out (like with other brands), also they’re a bit longer than most brands so they fit him a lot longer. i’m having a hard time tracking the brand down but really want to buy more…

  5. kimschell

    I emailed you =)

  6. the big sister

    i’m such a stalker, i stalk your blog all the time. just letting you know 😉

  7. Mel

    Hi Kim.
    As you knew, you were the third place winner for the BabyLegs however, the first place winner never claimed her winnings and I had no way of getting in touch with her so you have moved into second place! The new first place winner is choosing hers tonight and then you will be able to choose your two after that! So, congratulations on your ‘new’ win!
    Mel (Our Blessed Arrows)

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