The long-awaited belly pics!!

We finally got a contraption to get our pictures off the camera and onto my computer, so I now have a plethora of pictures that are begging to be shown to you all. Before I start composing posts made up of pictures and their descriptions (lol … because that’s soooo exciting), I thought I’d post some belly pics! Apparently, when you can’t look at the pictures on the computer, you don’t really know whether or not you’re consistently standing in the same spot. I am not. As weeks go on, I get closer and closer =)

4 weeks pregnant (ie. two days after we found out, ie. effectively the ‘before’ picture):

4 weeks

8 weeks pregnant:

8 weeks

10 weeks pregnant (taken on Sunday):

10 weeks

It’s actually quite difficult to take good profile pictures of yourself … and I apparently need to figure out what the best distance away from our mirror is – I’m thinkin’ the 8 week one, since you can still see legs and it’s not ALL stomach … what do you all think? So anyways, you can tell my tummy’s grown a little bit since the beginning, so that’s kinda fun. I definitely don’t think I have a ‘bump’ yet, but I should start to get one soon, since at 11 weeks the uterus moves above the pubic bone and just. keeps. climbing. from there – it’s got nowhere to hide now!! Muwahaha!

So yes. I’m 10 weeks, which means the scary embryonic stage is over! Our baby is now (according to science) a fetus instead of an embryo, which means that all it’s organs and parts are formed and it just needs to grow from here on in. The placenta also takes over hormone production sometime during this week, so that’s likely why I’m feeling a TONNE better – only nauseous in the early mornings when I haven’t got a good night’s sleep, starting to feel a little more awake in the evenings. And the little bit of heartburn I have is easily taken care of by a Rolaids or two =) I’ve still got some food aversions, but I can at least generally think of something to eat now.

I met my midwife on Monday and she’s fabulous! She’s a full-time professor at the McMaster School of Midwifery (so I know she knows her stuff!) and she’s a midwife part-time, which means I’m pretty much the only mom she’s got due in June (I think). We discussed choice of birth place (at home, thank you!), the midwife scope of practice, ultrasounds, appointment schedules, etc. I’ve got an ultrasound this Friday at 3:45 pm (for dating), and Brad’s able to come – yay! We should be able to see the baby moving around and hear his/her heartbeat, which will be very reassuring and I’m So! Excited! My next one is my 18 week u/s (gasp! I can’t believe it’s already scheduled!) for January 16th – the day before we take possession of the house.

So, appointments every four weeks until week 28, and then every two weeks until 35 and then every week =) It’s going to go by so fast! I just want to hear our little bean’s heartbeat … 2 more days!



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7 responses to “The long-awaited belly pics!!

  1. the big sister

    awwwww!!! sooo cute!! little bean! i just wanna hug you tight

    i think the 10 weeks photo distance is perfect, we just want to see belly, not legs (but thats just me!)

    i LOVE that brad can make the U/S, its such an amazing bonding experience – awwww. so sweet.

    you might not be able to hear the hb, but you will be able to SEE it which is just as cool 🙂 🙂 (i can’t remember when we heard it for the first time but i think it was around 15 weeks in the doctor’s office)

    m/s thats good its going away!! same for heartburn, altho both come back in the terrible 3rd tri. you are going to love the 2nd, its really the best of them all 🙂

    keep the pictures coming, i love them!

  2. the big sister

    what?? where did my other comment go? strange…

    so around 10 weeks for us was when we heard the HB but it was at the dr. office, they wouldn’t turn the sound on for us at the U/S… not sure why. you should be able to get see arms & legs moving. aww so cute

  3. jody

    I was able to hear the heartbeat 2 weeks ago at 8 weeks!!

  4. Claire Michelle Sheila

    I got to help the person who did my moms ultrasound when i was 9

  5. Kayla

    Aww…I heard my babys heart beat at 7 weeks. They did the inside ultra sound. the hb wsa 145 bpm. It was really cool to see…and then the pics were just tiny beans lol. Now Im 9 weeks. And I have 9 more weeks before I find out the gender. This is my first Im EXCITED:)

  6. kayla

    i am 10 week and I heard my babys heart beat at 6 weeks

  7. Jodi

    I’m 10 weeks too but I’m just a teen and it’s very scary but exciting too! I thought the 8 week angle was the best pic! Good luck!

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