40 GB … right …

So Brad called me at work on Saturday asking about whether or not we have unlimited Internet up/downloads (ie. bandwidth). I said that yes, I was pretty sure we did.

Well, apparently we used to.

We got our internet bill this month and it was $30 over what we normally pay. $30!! That’s half a bus pass! That’s almost sponsoring a child through World Vision, that’s another phone bill, that’s … you get the picture.

Apparently they’ve capped the bandwidth at 60 GB per month, which most people would never come close to using. In fact, when we looked at our previous internet usages (from last year at this time), they were 4 GB, 6 GB, sometimes 20 GB, but nowhere close to 60 GB.

Except this past month. Our usage was 130 GB. Yes. You read that right. That’s bigger than my entire hard drive!

When we were talking about how on earth we could have used that much bandwidth, Brad explained that every time you watch a YouTube movie or surf the internet, or read a blog, or go on forums, you’re downloading stuff from the internet.

He said,  “You’ve been doing a lot more of that lately,”

I said, “How much of that do you think is because of you downloading all your music ?”

He thought a moment. “I don’t know … maybe 90 GB?”

Right. Me surfing the web like I always have a watching a tad more YouTube movies has me using up 40 GB of bandwidth. I believe I laughed.

He then thought a moment more and began to backpedal. “Wait. Yeah. No. Maybe most of that is from me …”

My response? “Like you totally just tried to blame me for 40 GB! Because of YouTube!”

And we shared a good laugh.

You see, my darling husband has discovered torrents, which has allowed him to download an (apparently) obscene amount of data (generally, music) in the last month. When he bought his new computer, the amount of hard-drive space he had went up 50%. He now has 1000 GB of space on his computer. (That’s more than 8x the amount on mine … and I haven’t even used half in three years!) He was able to call and get the charges reversed (because Bell did NOT inform us that they were changing their policy).

I still laugh, though. Yeah. Like it was me who used up all that bandwidth. Riiight. =)

(p.s. ultrasound tomorrow!!! WUHOO!)


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2 responses to “40 GB … right …

  1. the big sister

    too funny! shaun goes ballistic for torrents, he’s always on the pirate bay downloading music, or movies or LOST for me 🙂

  2. the big sister

    good luck today!! can’t wait to hear from you tonight xxx

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