Baby’s First Picture

We went for the ultrasound today – it was INCREDIBLE!!!! When the technician had finished all her measurements, she turned the monitor to us and explained what parts we were looking at. I asked why the baby wasn’t moving (I was really hoping to see him/her move!), and she said it was probably because it was sleeping. So she tried to wake him/her up by pushing my uterus with the u/s thing, which made me laugh which made the baby wake up!! We then got to see our little blessing moving it’s arms and legs and bouncing around and pushing off my uterus … it was so beautiful! The heartbeat was 160, and she said I was measuring right on for 11 weeks! Wuhoo! So, the baby’s about the size of a lime =)

Baby’s First Pic


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  1. jamy58

    That is great! Can’t wait to see our baby for the first time! Best wishes for your pregnancy.

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