11 Weeks Belly Shot

11 Weeks

Here’s my belly from today =) It’s definitely grown a bit since last week’s picture … and my belly button is already getting shallower – lol.

This week, our baby starts to be able to open and close it’s hands and might begin hiccuping. All the books say I should start to feel better by now, and thank goodness I have!



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5 responses to “11 Weeks Belly Shot

  1. the big sister

    liam got the hiccups during our 12 week U/S so your LO is probably having them too 🙂

    re belly pic: just wait until your belly button starts getting super itchy as it stretches.

  2. kimschell

    LOL – Brad actually noticed it was shallower because (okay, this is random) he stuck his finger in it … lol … and it didn’t get stuck. My bellybutton is REALLY deep, and it kinda suctions (I showed him that) when you stick your finger in, and he did it the other day and no suction!! LOL

  3. the big sister

    there is no relief for the belly button itchies.. its a really strange, strange symptom. are you using palmers cocoa butter or some kind of smoothing lotion on your tummy? i’m only asking b/c i thought i got away with only 1 or 2 stretch marks & ended up with a whole world map instead. i’m sooo glad i was using that cream though b/c i’m convinced it would’ve been so much worse…

  4. kimschell

    Cream …. umm … not so much. I’ve got some Cocoa Butter Body Butter (from the Body Shop) that I use infrequently, but yeah. I’ll probably get more obsessive once my tummy starts growing more, but I’m kind of anticipating at LEAST a world map! I’ve got stretch marks everywhere from going through puberty, so I’m not holding my breath that I’ll get away with pregnancy! I know I take more after Daddy too, and since he got stretch marks from his *muscles* growing … yeah. Also, from what I’ve read, if you’re genetically prone, you’ll get them regardless of whether or not you’re moisturizing! I just can’t see how (scientifically) using cream will prevent your skin from getting them. *shrugs* I put it on when I remember!! LOL

    Wow. That ended up being a long one.

  5. the big sister

    bah. its good to keep it moisturized. its just better, it will feel better. if you start now you’ll have a good foundation 🙂

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