I actually won something! Remember the Babylegs giveaway a few weeks back? Turns out that I won second place, so I get to pick out two pairs of Babylegs for our little one to have when he/she is born!! WUHOO!!! Just waiting for Mel from Our Blessed Arrows to contact me and let me know my options =) Thanks a bunch, Mel – I’m super excited to have won … I never EVER win things!!!

In sad news … my aunt’s surgery didn’t go terribly well. She was supposed to be released from hospital Wednesday morning, and she was finally released today. Apparently there was some internal bleeding and another surgery, but things are looking up now. I feel horrible that I didn’t call home earlier to find out – I kind of assumed my mom would let me know. BAD ASSUMPTION, KIM! Aunt Connie, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry to hear about the troubles and I’m so sorry I didn’t call and check up earlier!!! I love you and I hope you’re doing alright!! If anyone could join us in lifting my aunt up in prayer, that would be wonderful!

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  1. the big sister

    wow congrats!!!!

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