Three months … where has the time gone?

I’m 12 weeks pregnant now … that’s three months, people! This week our baby will grow from lime-sized to peach-sized and will develop reflexes, such as opening and closing it’s hands, making breathing motions, and squinting his/her eyes. Apparently if I poke my uterus, the baby will move in response, I just can’t feel it yet! Two more weeks till I get to hear the heartbeat!

My friend Elisha dropped off a box of maternity clothes for me last week. Elastic waist pants?? Soooooo comfortable! She lent me two pairs of jeans, and a bunch of business clothes, which will come in handy for my impending mental health placement next semester (we have to wear street clothes instead of scrubs). It’s quite bizarre to me that maternity shirts actually make you look pregnant. I didn’t think that my normal clothes weren’t fitting all that well until I pulled on the mat jeans and put on a mat shirt. Hmm … maybe my regular clothes weren’t so flattering anymore after all?

So I went to the mall today and went to Old Navy … most of their maternity clothes were 50% off and it was a “No Tax” day, so I got FOUR shirts and a pair of pants for only $54!!! Three of the shirts are casual ones and I got a really nice red shirt that’s going to fit wonderfully at Christmas =)

I was laughing at myself earlier this week when I tried to suck in my belly and couldn’t make it flat!! I’ve always been a bit “fluffier” around the middle, but I could always suck in enough to make my stomach flat-ish. Now? Not so much! I’m also pretty sure that I can feel my fundus (that’s the top of the uterus) … I’ll have to ask the midwife when I see her if I’m right!

Without further ado, here’s this week’s belly pic: (p.s. I added a bonus shot of me with my shirt actually on right showing off my tummy (Brad took it!) … I got the idea from Emily at This Everyday Love.)

12 Weeks Belly

12 Weeks Again

I can’t believe I’m actually just going to keep growing. Trying mat clothes on I was like, “this shirt is huge! It’ll never fit right!” LOL – yeah right!



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4 responses to “Three months … where has the time gone?

  1. Emily

    Aww…so cute!! It’s so fun to actually look pregnant. I need to get some more maternity clothes. You got a great deal at Old Navy!!

  2. kimschell

    I know … it’s definitely fun to actually have my belly be a bit more obvious. I haven’t gotten asked by anyone who doesn’t know yet, but I also haven’t worn the mat clothes *to* anywhere yet!

  3. the big sister

    you look so beautiful kim i can’t wait to see you at christmas & rub that little belly. its amazing how much you’ve popped in the last couple of weeks (you must be getting really excited about the boat load of mat clothes we have for you 🙂

  4. kimschell

    LOL – I think I popped just over the weekend!! And I’m TOTALLY pumped about the mat clothes you guys have got for me … are C & S planning to have more kids or are they done with Svea?

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