13 Weeks!

Wow – I’m 1/3 of the way there!!! One of my pregnancy books says I’m done my first trimester, two say this is my last week of it, and one makes absolutely no mention of trimesters at all. So, safe to say that by Saturday, the first trimester is DEFINITELY over! I’m continuing to feel good, and our baby’s now the size of a lemon or a peach. He/she’s got little fingerprints and his/her eyes are moving into a more “normal” place this week!! WUHOO!

On another exciting note, Brad finishes college in two days. TWO DAYS! He’s got one exam tomorrow and another on Wednesday, and then that’s it!! He’s quite excited to see this era come to an end =)

Voila les photos de ma belly:

13 Weeks 1

13 Weeks 2

Looky!! I actually look a bit pregnant in the green shirt! It’s pretty darned exciting =)

One week until we get to hear our wee one’s heartbeat at the midwife’s!



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2 responses to “13 Weeks!

  1. Mom

    Hey Kim:
    You are way too cute! I love you so much, and so happy to read that you are embracing this new phase of your life so excitedly. I hope Brad’s in on the action too; you don’t often write about him. *Hint Hint* BTW, I think you had better put the socks away and start knitting your new little one something. 🙂

  2. kimschell

    Thanks for the comment – I’m glad that you’re excited about this all =) About the knitting, I was just thinking yesterday that I don’t know anyone who’s due before me that I’m knitting anything for, so I’ll have 6 months to knit for our baby!! He/she will be the warmest (and most stylish) baby in the winter EVER!

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