#1 thing not to say …

… to a probably self-conscious “big-boned” grade 7 boy when he says that he was going to go as a girl for Hallowe’en but didn’t because he’s ‘bigger’.

And what did the socially-awkward youth group leader let fall out of her mouth?

“Why not? There’s fat girls!” Followed closely by, “Oh my goodness, I didn’t mean it like that.”

Oh. The horrors.



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3 responses to “#1 thing not to say …

  1. ruby

    oh my goodness! i can so see me doing that too…what did the boy say back?

    congrats on not only being pregnant, but also *looking* pregnant! i’m sure i would hate that inbetween stage…im glad its over for you! i’m finally de-lurking…i forgot to on the post you asked for comments on!

  2. the big sister


  3. kimschell

    Ruby – thanks for stopping by =) And for de-lurking!!

    Jenn – thanks for laughing at me!! It was pretty funny!

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