baby bump + baby sweater

14 weeks!! WUHOO! Now, according to everybody, I’m in my second trimester, which is pretty darned exciting! And only two more sleeps till I get to hear our wee one’s heartbeat. I’m going to bring the camera with because it records sounds so Brad can hear it! (And if I can figure out how to upload sound files, you all can, too!) So this week our baby’s a little bigger than a lemon, and by the end will be 4 – 4.5 inches crown-to-rump (that’s actually pretty big, since that’s minus the legs!!). Apparently he/she is making lots of cute faces (due to electrical brain impulses) and can even suck his/her thumb!! I’m getting impatient trying to see if I can feel the baby moving. Not yet … but hopefully soon!!

14 Weeks

Although my bump doesn’t look much bigger, I’ve moved from the “can still button my pre-pregnancy jeans when standing although it’s horribly uncomfortable” to “wow. I guess it’s time for full-time maternity jeans, huh?”.

Great news! My friend Mel had her baby on December 4th after a fantastic labour and delivery – according to her midwife, anyways. Her water broke around 11 pm and her baby was born at 7 am!! I can hope that mine’s like that too, right? He was only 6 lbs at birth, so he’s teeny tiny, but he’s beautiful and healthy! I was planning on knitting a sweater that would have been ready for her due date (December 12), but since he came early (lucky girl!) it wasn’t done! I still finished it for December 12, though, and gave it to her when I went for a visit.

Here’s the whole thing finished (it’s 6 mo size … clearly a bit big for her little one!)

Baby Sweater

And here’s a close-up of the neck-line and stitching:

Sweater 2

It’s a roll-neck pattern that I picked up for free from Lettuce Knit when I was there in the summer. The big neck line makes it easy to slip over baby’s head and the roll-ness of the plain stockinette assists in rolling up the sleeves if it’s too big =) I can’t wait to see it on him! (And what’s the best part about this pattern? It’s knit in the round with NO seaming. That’s right – the body’s knit in one piece, and then the arms are knit in the round as well … it’s my dream sweater!)



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3 responses to “baby bump + baby sweater

  1. the big sister

    love you!!! love the bump, love the sweater, love it all. so glad everything is amazing. tell b rad very proud re school (i thought he graduated next year… so, yay! 🙂

  2. Connie

    Hi Kim, Ah, your bump is so will be looking back on this in a few months and wondering what happened to that small love the sweater, you are being be domestocated.. All the best my dear and like your Sister Jen, I know you will make a great Mom. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of Jen’s experience to help you through..I had that from your Mom and it was great. Love you sweetie. Give Brad a hug for me and wishing you both a Very Merry Christmas season and a wonderful 08 to look forward to. Love Aunt Connie xoxoxox

  3. kimschell

    Thanks Aunt Connie!! Merry Christmas to you, too!!

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