Heartbeat!! YAY!

Window Heart

The picture seemed appropriate! We had a massive snow-dump on Sunday, and I walked into our room in the early afternoon and saw a heart in snow on the outside of our window. How beautiful! It was a great reminder of how much God loves us =)

I went to see my midwife today and got to hear one of the most beautiful sounds EVER – our baby’s heartbeat =) I was able to record it with our camera to bring home for Brad, but I suppose you all can hear it, too!

Please click here to download the .WAV file for our baby’s heartbeat!! (On the page it brings you to, scroll down and click ‘free’, and on the next page, type in the letters – for the security thing – and click ‘download’ … it’s easier than it sounds!)  I must have listened to that file a hundred times today … it’s so beautiful!

All is going well with the pregnancy – all my bloodwork came back good, my blood pressure is 98/60, I’ve gained a total of 5 lbs (although I think their scale is off …), and I got to feel my fundus! I thought I could see it, but apparently I was WAAAAY off. It’s about 3 fingerbreadths below my bellybutton – so maybe I *have* been feeling the baby move! Sometimes I feel something, but I thought my uterus was so much lower, I was like – nope, that’s gotta be gas! But now that I know it’s so high, I think I might actual be feeling baby move sometimes. That’s kinda neat!

Can I say how much I love my midwife? Although the u/s puts me at 14 weeks + 3 days, my midwife wants to leave my due date at June 20 (which is what the date was originally, adjusting for my normal 35-day cycles). SoOoOo, she is, in effect, giving me an extra week to go into labour on my own, which is great, because I Do. Not. Want. To be. Induced. The unfortunate thing is that according to the June 20 date, I’m only 13 weeks + 4 days now, so I get to re-do week 14 … really though, it’s a pretty good week to have to repeat – I’d hate to have to repeat one of my weeks of nausea =) So I’ll take this week off from reading in my pregnancy books and just enjoy the fact that our baby’s heart is beating strong (150 – 160 bpm) and I get a week longer before the pressure to induce goes up =) She did say (for those of you who are concerned about moving the date back) that she will be monitoring me VERY CLOSELY once I hit 41 weeks, since they normally induce at 41.5 weeks, but by then I could (potentially) actually be closer to 42.5 weeks, which is very late. So she said they’d likely move to induction at around 41 weeks instead of 41.5 – but whatever – it still gives me an extra week!!

So, in conclusion, there won’t be a belly pic this coming week (lol … I’ll just post a 15 week picture after the Christmas bustle), I need to re-adjust my thinking of the beginning of my gestational weeks to Fridays, and I get to repeat a week … kinda like repeating a grade … hmmm …


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2 responses to “Heartbeat!! YAY!

  1. the big sister

    yay babies! you won’t have to be induced kim, i have a feeling this one is coming early 😉 i can’t wait to see you!! only days away

  2. kimschell

    Early, eh? How early? As long as it’s not before June 4 =)

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