Another year over …

And I’m thiiiiis close to being four months pregnant! What a wonderful end to a whirlwind of a year!

Things started off with a trip to Mexico for my big sister Jenn’s wedding in February, our week-long New York trip, her baby born in August, finding out about our OWN baby in October (!!), celebrating our first anniversary, buying a house later that month, my grandma breaking her hip, my aunt being diagnosed with breast cancer (please continue to pray … her chemo regimen is beginning soon …), Brad finishing school for good, my big sister Becky getting a great new job, and yeah.

So I was 15 weeks on Friday – our baby now has developed taste-buds and my amniotic fluid tastes like whatever I’ve eaten =) The baby can also sense light and (since next week he/she can hear things on the outside of my body) hear what’s going on inside my body. I’ve had a couple moments in the last couple days of “was that the baby moving?” But I’m not 100% sure yet.

Here’s my belly now =) It’s definitely growing!

15 Weeks 1

15 Weeks 2

It’s pooching out now even when I lay down! (it would disappear when I laid down before) And my belly button is rapidly becoming more shallow! The uterus hits the belly button at about 20 weeks, and I’m almost 16, so it’s got 4 cm to go before overtaking my former umbilical cord attachment site – which, by the way, isn’t centered.

I think I’ve gained about 10 lbs now, which all the books say is a normal gain for this stage. I’m hoping to start back on my healthy eating bandwagon in the New Year now that my food aversions are mostly gone … although I still can’t even think about chicken breast!

I’ll update with Christmas pics tomorrow =)



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2 responses to “Another year over …

  1. the big sister

    so pretty, kim you are bigger in just a week, you really popped out!!

  2. kimschell

    I know – LOL – I thought I popped before, but I guess I’m pretty much 16 weeks, it’s about time for the pop!

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