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Ultrasound Pictures! 19 Weeks!

Well! We had our big “2T” (2nd trimester) ultrasound today!! June Bug’s measuring right about 20 weeks (I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow, so that’s good!), and the heartrate was 147 bpm.  June Bug weighs about 8 oz, and is about 6 inches long – six inches!! – crown to rump.  He/she is awake for about 6 hours  a day – similar to a newborn – and the skin is being coated with vernix to protect it. I’ll post a belly pic in a few days – no time right now! Continue reading



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Hmmm ….

Well, the electrical work on the house is … interesting. Because all of our walls are still intact, it makes it a much harder job for the electrician to do his job! Needless to say, there are holes in my house where there were not holes before that will need to be repaired. Sigh.

Thankfully, my dad is able to come up tomorrow to assist the electrician (thanks, daddy!) which means they should be able to get quite a bit done, since my dad has quite a bit of experience with it all. I’m going to be going with them to help out, so I’ll be taking pictures. Of the holes.

We knew it was necessary to redo the wiring, but it’s still hard seeing it done! The electrician is hoping that he can have everything done by Friday evening in time for moving day. I’m trying not to think of the alternative!

(p.s. I’ve got my ultrasound tomorrow! I’ll be 18 weeks + 6 days, so almost 19 weeks right on. Excited!!!)

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House Pics Part the Second

Ta-daaaa! I didn’t think I’d get around to putting up this post, as it’s currently almost 10:00 pm, I worked a 12 hour clinical day (on my feet the whole. day.), and it’s past my bedtime =( However, Brad’s at the house doing wiring (just called! on his way home!) so I figured I’d get these pics online! As a preface, this side of the house was used as a rental property so the decor … leaves a lot to be desired!

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Pics of House …

… from inside the house! Posted with stolen internet signal! Muwahahahaha!

Now, the house is really, really big. So I’m posting pics of the house in two sessions – one, today, for the front half of the house, and another, sometime tomorrow hopefully, of the back half of the house. So, without further ado, the house! Continue reading


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18 Weeks!

Phew! 18 weeks of pregnancy behind me, 22 weeks in front of me! I can’t believe how fast the time is going!

This week, June Bug enters his/her time of greatest activity! He/she’s kicking/moving/punching/rolling up a storm in the warmth and safety of my uterus, and I can feel it! I’m feeling more and more movement every day, and not only am I feeling more of it, it’s also getting more defined. I’m feeling pokes/kicks several times a day now along with the rolling/tickling feelings. It’s truly the most incredible feeling in the world! Continue reading


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new house!

The House!

Voila! Our new home! We got the keys yesterday at about 4:30 pm and had to wait for Brad to finish work and Crystle to get home before we could go over. We got there around 5:30, which is not the most wonderful time to take pictures – especially when one cannot find the lights in the house – or, at some points, the light switches were found, but there were no bulbs in the lights. That makes for one dark house!

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Well, today at some point in the afternoon a ridiculous amount of money will be given out by our lawyer to many different people, and an even more ridiculous amount of money will be forked over by the bank on our behalf. I can’t believe we are home owners!!

Dave will be picking up the keys to the house when they are available (our lawyer was assuming early afternoon) and we’ll be meeting at Brad’s work to walk over all together! We’re planning to pray over the house, sit and have some quiet reflection time, and then get some pizza and celebrate!! Graham and Emma will be over tonight too, as I think Emma wants to get started on the autocad drawings of the house for Graham’s dad (an electrician, who’s doing all our electrical work on Monday/Tuesday!).

It’s such a rush. I’ll be taking pictures tonight and will hopefully have them up tomorrow! I can’t believe the Kirkendall Cluster is actually beginning to take shape! Please pray for our growing community!!

(p.s. My ultrasound was moved to next Thursday, when I’ll be almost 19 weeks, since they might not get the cardiac views they want if they do the ultrasound before 18 weeks. I figured they’d move it, but I’m still sad! I did get to hear the heartbeat again, though, and that was lovely! I’m feeling June Bug move around a LOT now – not so many pokes/kicks, but a lot of tickles and swooshing and fun!)


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