… and a new one just begun.

Well, it feels like the Christmas season has come to a close, so I’ll update about our holidays before it gets tacky for me to do so =)

Brad and I managed to get home to visit my in-laws for a few hours on Christmas Eve and then go to the Candlelight Service at my parent’s church. I always love the midnight Christmas services – at my parent’s church, they always give everyone a candle and light them during the second last song. Then they turn out all the lights in the church and everyone sings “Silent Night”. It’s soooo beautiful having the church lit by candles and voices.

We spent Christmas day with my family (like we have for many a year now), and the whole crew was home – except for my brother-in-law, Shaun, and Becky’s boyfriend Ben. We drew names this year (we piloted this idea for last Christmas) and set a cap and we send around our wish lists so that we know we’ll get a gift we really want, we just don’t necessarily know what! Becky drew my name and gave me EVERYTHING on my list. Literally! I got a 5-pack of size 2 HiyaHiya stainless steel double-pointed needles and promptly replaced the wooden set I was using in my socks. So. Much. Easier. To. Knit!! She also gave me an Old Navy gift certificate, two balls of yarn, a mini box of chocolates, and Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair. Yeah – like I said, literally everything on my list – thanks, Becky!

Brad got Oblivion. Need I say more? He’s thrilled and has finally finished cleaning up his hard-drive to install it. I wonder what he’ll be doing this weekend?

The baby (who, by the way, I think I’m going to start referring to as ‘June-bug’ due to some cheesy pet names that Brad and I have for each other … no, I won’t reveal them. ) received a 5-pack of 6 month size onesies, a little green hat, and a homemade receiving blanket from my Aunt Alice. What a nice surprise! (Oh, and my sister brought down her bassinet FULL of baby clothes, so that’s awesome!!) We’ve also been given a crib (free!) and a high chair (free!). We’re so blessed!

I made this set:

Sweater & Hat

(here modeled by Jenny under the directions of “you’re an animal in the woods!”)

For this absolutely, ridiculously cute little guy:

Liam’s hat

My nephew Liam (here held by my hubby, Brad, who I can’t wait to see with June-bug!).

We ate ourselves into a food coma, played some Christmas euchre, and slept well! Brad and I went to my in-laws on Boxing Day and spent some great time with his folks and siblings (of which I have no proof, since I didn’t break out the camera!). We also pulled names there and his dad got my a pair of maternity jeans – my first pair!

Oh – and we also played the Wii on my dad’s huge tv. Lots of Wii – especially on Friday, when we brought Brad’s siblings up to my parents house and played some four-player tennis and bowling. What a hoot! Did I mention that I want one? I think, though, that I’ll settle for the X-box my dad lent us =)



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5 responses to “… and a new one just begun.

  1. the big sister

    cute update! kim what is your due date again? sorry i keep forgetting it… mommy brain

  2. kimschell

    June 20 =) Six more months to go!

  3. the big sister

    really… wow… you aren’t going to believe this, but thats the day Meg & Astar get married!

  4. kimschell

    I saw that on your blog … or on Facebook … or something – LOL … I’m hoping I’ll go before that! (Remember my original date was the 14th!)

  5. Brad

    That picture of my nephew and I is pretty cute!

    I love reading your writing darling. Even if I was right beside you I smile as I read how you describe it.

    Hmmm, June-bug eh, now that it is out it might be official!

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