Four Months! 16 Weeks!

Time is a-flyin’ – even with having to repeat a week in my third month! =)

The baby is now around 4.5 inches long and weighs the same as a grapefruit – that’s right people, a grapefruit! June Bug is growing toe nails now, and can hear sounds from both inside my body and outside it – this is super cool because now Brad can talk to my belly and June Bug can actually hear it! Well, he/she probably just hears, “Mumble mumble, wah wah,” but that’s besides the point. I’m definitely feeling movement now … a very very faint, very very subtle butterfly-ey feeling. It’s incredible!

I’ve gained a total of 11 lbs – 1 lb up from last week, which is right on target, since a weight gain of one pound a week is the guideline for the second trimester and most of the third … so if I stick with 13 lbs this trimester, I’ll have gained 20 by the beginning of my third, and another pound a week would put me at 33 lbs gained. C’mon healthy eating! Do me good!

Here’s my 16 week (4 months pregnant) belly pic:

16 Weeks

I’m starting to get a few stretch marks around the sides of my belly at the top of my hips – I’ve always assumed I’d get stretch marks since I got so many during puberty and also I take after my dad. Who got stretch marks when his muscles grew too fast when he was weight-training when he was young. Thanks for the genes, Daddy! LOL I’m trying to not let it get to me – I know Brad will love my new body just as much as he loved it before, but it’s hard to get your mind around the fact that your body will never EVER look the same again. Ever. I’m learning to live with that. I think Brad’s doing better at it than I am!



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4 responses to “Four Months! 16 Weeks!

  1. the big sister

    i see a pop!! its very noticable compared to your last picture. its so true what you wrote about your body… but kim, you look so beautiful to me 🙂 the only thing to help at all is moisturizer. i know it won’t get rid of them, but it can’t hurt right? & you’re right, no matter what ends up happening, Brad is going to love you just the same. he’s such a great guy.

  2. kimschell

    I’ve been moisturizing faithfully, but to (apparently) no avail. I’ll continue to do it, but I’m not holding my breath anymore!! =)

    I’m glad you see a pop! It’s pretty fun … Mary Anne came over yesterday and was enthralled by my belly!

  3. Hailey

    hi Kim. i know this girl on face book. that has posted this picture of you. saying that it is her when she was 16 weeks pregnant and she is saying that she had a miss carriage. i just wanted to let you know that. because in my o pion it is a horrible thing to do. i hope you will do something about it . signed Hailey.

  4. Hailey

    sorry i forgot to give you the name of the girl… her name is heather Gregor

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