17 Weeks!

I was 17 weeks yesterday … I can’t believe how quick this part of my pregnancy is going! June Bug weighs about 5 oz and is the size of my out-spread hand (that’s big!!!!). His/her hearing is developing quickly, and the little bones are starting to ossify (that means harden).

I got a very nice 17 week present – June Bug gave me two or three swift kicks that I could actually really feel yesterday just after lunch! It was incredible … after a couple of weeks feeling the occasional butterfly-flutter, actually feeling a perceptible poke was fun =) I’m definitely feeling more and more flutters … before it was only if I layed ABSOLUTELY still in bed, and sometimes only with counter-pressure (yes, I wanted to feel it so bad I would lay there pushing on my uterus … LOL) … but I can feel the movement now (I think) just sitting here typing (!!). Most of the movement seems to be concentrated in one area … I wonder if that’s normal and June Bug has just found a comfy spot in my womb and doesn’t want to move from it … or maybe that size of my uterus is more sensitive? Hmmm … I think I over-think this =)

I have my next appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and our big 2T (2nd trimester) ultrasound on Wednesday, and then we close on our house on Thursday!

Here’s what I look like now wearing mat clothes … I’m starting to fill them out a bit better =)

17 Weeks

17 Weeks again

My poor belly button … it’s territory is slowly being invaded! My uterus is about one finger-width below it, and will be above it in a few short weeks … I wonder if it’ll pop out or just go flat …


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8 responses to “17 Weeks!

  1. the big sister

    wow poperoo!! that was one of my favorite mat shirts. it looks great on you 🙂 do you find it itches? it always made me super itchy. re: belly button i always hoped mine would pop out but it just got flat. it’ll be cool to see which way yours goes

  2. the big sister

    & congrats on feeling kicks & flutters. thats great kim 🙂 it just get better from here. every week you’re going to feel more and more. awww it sort of makes me want to be preggo again.

    did i just write that?

  3. kimschell

    yeah – I LOVE the shirt … I wore it with a tank top underneath, so not itchy for me!! I’ve been feeling June Bug more and more every day since Friday … it’s So. Much. Fun.!! And lol – yes, you *did* write that!!

    I’m going to break down and buy a maternity support belt tomorrow. My back is KILLING me!

  4. the big sister

    oh no! if it hurts already thats not a good sign. i wish bex had known to bring the pillow for you. are you sleeping with a pillow between your legs? that helps straighten your spine… let me know if the belt works i’ve always wondered about those 🙂

  5. kimschell

    I’ve got a snoogle, which I broke out yesterday and made my back happy =) But yeah … 12 hour shifts? Painful.

  6. the big sister

    are you going to be able to keep those up once you hit the 3rd Trimester? i worry about you being on your feet all day, it gets so hard in the last 3 months with the extra weight, movement, no sleep, bloating, etc.

  7. kimschell

    Well … I don’t much have a choice, but I guess we’ll see! I’ll have to keep them up until the end of March (because that’s when my clinical placement ends), but after that for my regular work, I should be able to switch off most of my 12 hour shifts for shorter ones. *shrugs*

  8. the big sister

    my brave lil’sis. i love you lady.

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