Well, today at some point in the afternoon a ridiculous amount of money will be given out by our lawyer to many different people, and an even more ridiculous amount of money will be forked over by the bank on our behalf. I can’t believe we are home owners!!

Dave will be picking up the keys to the house when they are available (our lawyer was assuming early afternoon) and we’ll be meeting at Brad’s work to walk over all together! We’re planning to pray over the house, sit and have some quiet reflection time, and then get some pizza and celebrate!! Graham and Emma will be over tonight too, as I think Emma wants to get started on the autocad drawings of the house for Graham’s dad (an electrician, who’s doing all our electrical work on Monday/Tuesday!).

It’s such a rush. I’ll be taking pictures tonight and will hopefully have them up tomorrow! I can’t believe the Kirkendall Cluster is actually beginning to take shape! Please pray for our growing community!!

(p.s. My ultrasound was moved to next Thursday, when I’ll be almost 19 weeks, since they might not get the cardiac views they want if they do the ultrasound before 18 weeks. I figured they’d move it, but I’m still sad! I did get to hear the heartbeat again, though, and that was lovely! I’m feeling June Bug move around a LOT now – not so many pokes/kicks, but a lot of tickles and swooshing and fun!)



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2 responses to “House!

  1. emma

    hoooray! we are so looking forward to seeing the house again and praying with you guys…:)

  2. the big sister

    yay you have a big house, thats great!! we are so excited to come see it. when do you move in??

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