new house!

The House!

Voila! Our new home! We got the keys yesterday at about 4:30 pm and had to wait for Brad to finish work and Crystle to get home before we could go over. We got there around 5:30, which is not the most wonderful time to take pictures – especially when one cannot find the lights in the house – or, at some points, the light switches were found, but there were no bulbs in the lights. That makes for one dark house!

So yes. We arrived and we toured around both halves. As Dave proposed in an email entitled ‘closing ceremonies’ …

“… there is a tradition in some culture (i forget which one. Jewish?) on the wedding day that right after the wedding ceremony the new couple sits alone in silence for a time meditating on what just happened. The silence is, afaik, an effective way to absorb the immensity of the situation and the change to a new life.”

Now before ya’ll think we’re in some crazy cult where we’re marrying each other, STOP! Talking about living in community and meeting about community are very different than actually PURCHASING A HOUSE and MOVING INTO IT. We took time to sit together and meditate on what was happening and to think about, to quote Dave again, “just what we’re getting  into.”

We ordered a feast of pizza, wings, garlic bread, and (sparse) veggies and mowed down while sitting on the dining room floor – along with some sparkling wine that the previous owners had left for us in the fridge (or the real estate agent, we’re not too sure about which) and some sparkling white grape juice for me! (That’s what leads me to believe it was the owners – the woman knows I’m pregnant!)

Graham and Emma came over and we enjoyed re-touring the house. Dreams were dreamed, heads were shaken over the hideous colour combinations, thermostats were turned up, radiators were loved, and carpet was removed. Turns out we’re going to have to rent that sander after all.

Bring on the paint! Oh! And for those of you who are curious, we will be moving in next Saturday – that’s January the 26th. If you’d like our new address and phone number, email me and I’ll send it to you!



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3 responses to “new house!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS KIM!!! Your new house is beautiful! Just the thing you needed to keep yourself busy until the baby comes hey?

  2. cool!! i love the look of it – can’t wait to see the inside!

  3. kimschell

    Chelsea – thanks! hopefully it doesn’t keep me too busy! I’ve got work and school to do that!! LOL

    Jessica – thanks! I can’t wait to get some good pics of the inside too!! We’re going to be doing before/after shots!

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