Pics of House …

… from inside the house! Posted with stolen internet signal! Muwahahahaha!

Now, the house is really, really big. So I’m posting pics of the house in two sessions – one, today, for the front half of the house, and another, sometime tomorrow hopefully, of the back half of the house. So, without further ado, the house!

This is a poor representation of the front room … it’s twice this size, but shows you the detailing in the window frames. Please pardon the colours …

Front Room

The kitchen and ‘dining room’ are unremarkable, so I’ll spare you! Here’s the staircase… isn’t it beautiful? We’re pretty sure that the banister is the original, which is great! Someday I’d like to strip the white paint off the hardwood on the stairs … who does that??!?


p.s. The room you see in the background is the ‘dining room’. It’s teeny!

Here’s a picture of the one of the original radiators. Some of them are plainer than others, but this one’s really beautiful!

Rad details

Here’s a picture of our bedroom … it’s not a very flattering shot, but it really is a nice room!

B&K’s bedroom

Yeah – I guess I really just took a picture of the wall, huh? Oh well … you get the gist! I’m not a photographer, okay??!? =)

And here’s a pic of I think my favourite room in the whole house:

Bathroom Ray

The beautiful, beautiful bathroom. I normally LOATHE white, but I think this room really pulls it off well, don’t you? It just looks so clean and warm and inviting. I cannot WAIT to bathe in that tub. Claw foot. *Drools*.

The second bedroom is about the same size as the front room on the main floor, except it has 8 foot ceilings instead of 10 foot ones – in other words, BIG!


We’re hoping that it will become a shared library. Just because I want to say, “Just a minute, I think he’s in the LI-bry,” to people with a British accent. Does that make me weird? And no, it will not be staying that colour … it’s not very becoming of a LI-bry.

So that’s the official tour of the front half of the house! It’s actually an entire separate house from the back half, but I don’t really want to name streets so that people can’t stalk me. Normally we call them the “X St. side” and the “Y St. side” but yeah. Stalkers. So I’ll call them the front and back halves!

I hope you enjoyed the tour … stay tuned for the second half!



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6 responses to “Pics of House …

  1. LOVE the all white bathroom with the black mirror!!

  2. morethananelectrician

    This looks like a house built in/prior to the 40s’?

    The wider base (relatively new) indicates it may have some relatively new wiring.

    I renovate a large portfolio of houses, which include many “historic” houses ranging from 1810-current and our biggest issue in houses of this type have been the lack of insulation causing large heating, cooling and moisture issues.

    Not to alarm you…

    Good luck with the pregnancy…we just had out third on 12/28. Get the renovations done now!

  3. kimschell

    Jess – glad you love the bathroom as much as I do!!

    morethan – as far as we can tell, the house was built in the early 1900’s, but we’re not 100% sure! We know there’s a bit of newer wiring, but (we’re guessing) the majority is knob and tube – an electrician is coming for a few days starting tomorrow get the electrical work up to code for our insurance! There’s no insulation, but it’s double-brick, and although it was -22 degrees celcius outside today, it wasn’t bad inside! There doesn’t appear to be any moisture issues either, except in one or two of the windows. Thanks for the good wishes – renos are happening as we speak, and I’m not taking much part in them! =)

  4. Mom

    Hey Kim:
    Love your pics! I ‘sooo’ agree with you about the Ll-bry colour; perhaps toupe or something more appropriate? I noticed you didn’t indicate the baby’s room … hmmm. I realize he/she will room in with you guys for the first while, but what then? Do you plan on raising a geek and sleeping the poor thing in the Li-bry? *Grinns*
    I love you guys, and congrats again on your amazing find!!!

  5. the big sister

    i love your bathroom!!! LOVE IT. can’t wait to visit & soak in that tub. oh my gosh. yummy soaking tub. the rest of the house is so nice kim, it really is. i love the banister & from the pics it looks original … i also love, love the wood work around the windows & the hardwood throughout – so posh. you must be so happy 🙂 🙂

  6. emma

    hi kim, really nice photos. My favourite one is of the radiator…coooozy!

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