House Pics Part the Second

Ta-daaaa! I didn’t think I’d get around to putting up this post, as it’s currently almost 10:00 pm, I worked a 12 hour clinical day (on my feet the whole. day.), and it’s past my bedtime =( However, Brad’s at the house doing wiring (just called! on his way home!) so I figured I’d get these pics online! As a preface, this side of the house was used as a rental property so the decor … leaves a lot to be desired!

Here’s the backyard:


It’s not huge, but it’s big enough! We’re planning on pulling a bunch of those patio stones back and making a nice big veggie/fruit garden. It gets pretty much full sun, so it should be perfect! That shed’s ours too, and was once a blacksmith shop!

Here’s the kitchen on side Y (I decided yesterday when reading over my post that I’d just call them side X and side Y. So yesterday’s was side X.):


That picture doesn’t quite do all the mis-matched colours justice, but it’s a big kitchen compared to the size of our current one, but a small kitchen when you take into consideration that there’s no dining room. Common theme between side X and Y? No dining rooms that can facilitate having more than two people over …

Here’s the living room:

Living Room

It’s really quite a beautiful room with lots of natural light during  the day!

Here’s Dave and Crystle’s bedroom …


Oooohh, the sponge painting. Where you see the radiator used to be a horrid built-in closet. With the washer and dryer in it. Yep – in the bedroom closet. Not very practical!

Here’s the bathroom:

bathroom Y

Another beautiful clawfoot tub – and this one’s even a little bit longer! This bathroom needs some work, but is still quite functional. The first thing to go? Probably the panda-themed wallpaper border and lightswitch. Pandas??!

And here’s the guest room which will likely also be the baby’s room:

Spare Room

We’re planning to co-sleep for as long as we can (so as to facilitate sleeping while breastfeeding), so we’ll have the crib in here (for naps, and possibly for starting the nights out in) along with a bed for guests, and the babe can room with us when guests are over.

So now the only pics you haven’t seen are of the loft – which is HUGE! I think it’s about 24 feet long? Or was it 17? I can’t remember … either way, it’s BIG and COLD! It will also be shared space.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I’ll be updating more as time (and renovating) goes by.  And, of course, when we move in!! Keep us in your prayers this Saturday!


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  1. kimschell

    LOL – I’m sure you do!!

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