Hmmm ….

Well, the electrical work on the house is … interesting. Because all of our walls are still intact, it makes it a much harder job for the electrician to do his job! Needless to say, there are holes in my house where there were not holes before that will need to be repaired. Sigh.

Thankfully, my dad is able to come up tomorrow to assist the electrician (thanks, daddy!) which means they should be able to get quite a bit done, since my dad has quite a bit of experience with it all. I’m going to be going with them to help out, so I’ll be taking pictures. Of the holes.

We knew it was necessary to redo the wiring, but it’s still hard seeing it done! The electrician is hoping that he can have everything done by Friday evening in time for moving day. I’m trying not to think of the alternative!

(p.s. I’ve got my ultrasound tomorrow! I’ll be 18 weeks + 6 days, so almost 19 weeks right on. Excited!!!)

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