Ultrasound Pictures! 19 Weeks!

Well! We had our big “2T” (2nd trimester) ultrasound today!! June Bug’s measuring right about 20 weeks (I’ll be 19 weeks tomorrow, so that’s good!), and the heartrate was 147 bpm.  June Bug weighs about 8 oz, and is about 6 inches long – six inches!! – crown to rump.  He/she is awake for about 6 hours  a day – similar to a newborn – and the skin is being coated with vernix to protect it. I’ll post a belly pic in a few days – no time right now!It was so much fun watching June Bug move around – although apparently we’ve got a stubborn baby, since they needed a different view of the head (for measurements) and June Bug wouldn’t move his/her head from its comfy spot! At one point, I jokingly said, “C’mon baby, co-operate for the nice lady!” at which point June Bug promptly shook his/her head ‘no’. It was too funny! All looked well with the heart, spine, brain, as well as all four limbs – June Bug had his/her hands by its face/head for most of the time, which you can kind of see on the photos. I don’t know how to label pictures with my photo stuff, so I can’t label them, but they’re pretty decent!

Baby’s Profile

There’s our little one!! I think that could possibly be the cutest nose I’ve ever seen, but maybe I’m a little biased! If you look carefully, you can see the left hand up by the head, and there’s a little outline of the right hand on the other side. You can also see spine, as well as June Bug’s bladder!

Here’s another one:


June Bug’s neck is extended in this one, so there’s not much different – although you can see a thigh there at the bottom!

June Bug was head down/feet up for the whole thing, so I asked if the tech could get a good look at the sex  … she said that although the legs were close together, she could make a good guess!!

Sooo ….

We’re having …

A Baby!! Muhwahaha! We stayed strong and didn’t give in to temptation! I cannot wait to meet the little person growing inside me and kiss those perfect fingers and toes and that cute little nose!


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2 responses to “Ultrasound Pictures! 19 Weeks!

  1. Mom

    Wow, Kim, I can sure feel your excitement as you write. This is the second time I have sat in awe of the latest ultrasound improvements. Yours and Jenny’s pictures are leaps and bounds ahead of the one’s we got when I was pregnant with you!
    Now, I have to tell you, being a parent isn’t the easiest job in the world, but I’m sure you’ll do just fine. Jenny will be able to help you through the rough spots. She’s getting to be a pro at figuring things out. I am very proud of her. She solves problems I couldn’t begin to know about.
    So, congratulations from one Mom to another. Get your sleep while your little one is confined to the womb, right Jenny? *Big Smiles*

  2. the big sister

    wierd i just wrote a reply but it got eaten

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