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24 Weeks! Six Months!

Holy cannoli (sp? anyone?), where is the time going??? I’m six 28-day months, and 3.75 real months away from my due date! Wow.

So apparently, we’ve moved away from comparing my anatomy to foods, and am comparing my anatomy to sports objects. My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball. A soccer ball, people! That’s big! No wonder my belly’s growing! Our little one weighs 1 1/4 lbs, and is just short of a foot long, head-to-toe. June Bug’s taste buds are developing now, and soon will be able to distinguish between sweet and salty/sour. Apparently, babies also begin to react to outside sounds around this time – I’ll let you know if June Bug jumps with loud noises soon!! If I were to have June Bug right now, there would be a 20 – 25% chance of survival … his/her lungs just aren’t quite mature enough, although they’re rapidly developing!

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23 Weeks!

Wow. Last summer I took our fourth year research course and was placed in the NICU at McMaster University Medical Centre’s Children’s Hospital. Some of the babies were really, really teeny. Some of those babies were the size that June Bug is right now – 1 lb. Continue reading


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Raising the next generations of Christians

Crystle and I were talking the other night about how one goes about training up children in the faith. We were talking about how there’s two schools of thought on the subject:

  1. “Age-appropriate” children’s messages based on Biblical truths, like devotional books.
  2. The Bible is plenty age-appropriate and doesn’t need anything to “translate” it for kids – you just need to talk about the Scriptures as you read.

There may be other methods, or a combination of the two, but these were the two we were discussing. Continue reading


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Another giveaway!

Our Blessed Arrows has a new giveaway up on their blog – any item in their online store to a maximum of $40!!!! With June Bug’s birth approaching in just a few months, I could definitely use some of their diapering or baby-related stuff! Go comment to enter yourself into the giveaway!

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I baked! And cooked!

I know that doesn’t sound all that impressive … but I did it from scratch and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! We had some friends over yesterday to help with some electrical work, so I offered to make dinner for everyone. WELL, it ended up being 8 people, and Emma ended up bringing over a delicious pizza to round out the meal (lol – mine alone could not have happily fed the 8 of us!) but regardless … for the first time ever I baked something from scratch BY MYSELF! Continue reading


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22 Weeks!

Otherwise entitled, “Wow, this blog must be really boring to those of you who used to read it for un-baby-related content”. I do apologize! If it weren’t for the weekly belly updates, I’m not sure the blog would be getting much attention at all right now. I’m a wee bit too busy!

With that said, I’m 22 weeks! June Bug is about 7.5 inches crown-to-rump and about 12 oz. in weight (I cheated and looked at next week’s too … 1 lb next week! My baby’s growing so fast!). The baby is beginning to put on weight and actually look very baby-like … in fact, my books say that June Bug is the size of a ‘small baby doll’ … whatever that means!

Eyelids are well developed, the liver’s functioning well, and the pancreas is producing insulin!! I just think that’s the coolest thing ever … ya know … since I’m a huge nerd! =)

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21 Weeks!

I’m over half-way there!

This week, our baby’s getting bigger! June Bug weighs 3/4 of a pound and is 10.5 inches long head-to-toe – picture the size of a large banana … except with a head and arms and legs and such. His/her eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed and he/she is developing his/her sense of touch by doing FLIPS in my uterus!!!

I think the best thing about this past week of pregnancy is that Brad got to feel June Bug move for the first time! The baby was doing some heavy-duty moving one night as we went to bed, so I told him to put his hand on my belly and he’d feel something. He did, and sure enough, June Bug didn’t move. =) But then June Bug did move and Brad felt a couple of good kicks! They weren’t very strong to him, but they were pretty strong to me! Continue reading

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