I guess I should update?

Maybe about something non-baby related?

So, we’ve been in our new house for about a week and a half. The move went VERY well – we had so much help we could hardly believe it!! We are truly blessed to have all the friends we did come and help us out.

We weren’t, however, able to get the electrical work, flooring, and painting done on Y St. side, so all four of us have moved into the X St. side for the time being! The electrician is now completely done over here, and thinks the other side should only take a few days – he’s coming down tonight and will be working tomorrow and Friday – if you remember, please pray that all goes well and that no snags are encountered!

I’ve gotta say – it’s kinda fun living in ‘close proximity’ community. We share meals, which means sharing cooking duties! It’s lovely to not have to cook after a 12-hour shift! (Not that Brad didn’t cook … but it’s nice to eat home cooked food rather than an oven-ready pizza or hamburger helper … I LOVE YOU, BRAD!!!! :D).

On the other hand, since we have two apartments worth of ‘stuff’ in the house, it’s a bit … errr … cluttered. The kitchen is good, the dining room is definitely usable, and Brad’s finally got his computer set up in the living room – and there’s some usable couches in there now, too! – but it’s still very crowded feeling. If there’s one thing I’m looking forward to, it’s having a bit more personal space!

Overall, though, I’m quite impressed with how well things have gone with our stress levels (school, work, family sickness, buying new house, living on top of each other) … there’s been no yelling or fights – not that I would expect them, but you truly never know until you try it! It’s also wonderful to be a much shorter walk to church – since we’re there Sunday mornings, as well as Tuesday nights … plus we have a Bible study Wednesday nights and other various functions throughout the week that are generally held closer to church than to our old apartment. It’s not so fun walking 20 minutes home from work though. Oh well! Only a few more months and it will be a loooooong time before I have to walk to work! 🙂

Lots more younger people (20’s and 30’s) in our church are becoming interesting in the whole ‘common life’ thing – we’re attending a potluck this coming Sunday after church to open up more dialogue about what we’re doing and hoping to accomplish.


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4 responses to “I guess I should update?

  1. Kim I would like to hear more about this whole common life thing, did you blog about it before and I missed it? You should do a “Common Life 101” post!

  2. kimschell

    Chelsea – I’ve blogged ‘in passing’ about it a couple of times, but I think a common life 101 post is well warranted! I’ll probably write it in a week or two after my paper gets handed in – UGH!

    You can check out our website … it’s under my Blogrolls called “kirkendall cluster” and it’s got our ‘framework’ document in it. It’s a work-in-progress, but gives a big of an overview of our views, if you wanted to know a bit more before I get around to it!

  3. thanks for the update! i’m really, really glad that things are working well for all of you, considering the limited space. and i’m also glad that you’ve been able to see (and enjoy) some of the great parts of having more people to share responsibilities with 🙂

  4. the big sister

    i can’t wait to see pictures. congrats on your move. i’m so happy for you & brad 🙂

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