22 Weeks!

Otherwise entitled, “Wow, this blog must be really boring to those of you who used to read it for un-baby-related content”. I do apologize! If it weren’t for the weekly belly updates, I’m not sure the blog would be getting much attention at all right now. I’m a wee bit too busy!

With that said, I’m 22 weeks! June Bug is about 7.5 inches crown-to-rump and about 12 oz. in weight (I cheated and looked at next week’s too … 1 lb next week! My baby’s growing so fast!). The baby is beginning to put on weight and actually look very baby-like … in fact, my books say that June Bug is the size of a ‘small baby doll’ … whatever that means!

Eyelids are well developed, the liver’s functioning well, and the pancreas is producing insulin!! I just think that’s the coolest thing ever … ya know … since I’m a huge nerd! =)

Here are my belly pics from this week …

A bare one:

22 Weeks Bare

And a covered one:

22 Weeks Covered

I love my pregnant body!



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3 responses to “22 Weeks!

  1. the big sister

    kim you look so beautiful 🙂

  2. Brad

    Darling, I love you! You are sooo GORGEOUS!!!

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