I baked! And cooked!

I know that doesn’t sound all that impressive … but I did it from scratch and I did it ALL BY MYSELF!!!!! We had some friends over yesterday to help with some electrical work, so I offered to make dinner for everyone. WELL, it ended up being 8 people, and Emma ended up bringing over a delicious pizza to round out the meal (lol – mine alone could not have happily fed the 8 of us!) but regardless … for the first time ever I baked something from scratch BY MYSELF!

Cornbread + Squash

That’s cornbread along with some squash that is roasting for me to make a yuumy soup out of – check out the recipe here. It turned out very well (although we didn’t *quite* have enough curry powder!) and was a hit, as was the cornbread! My cooking self-esteem just went up a little bit =)


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5 responses to “I baked! And cooked!

  1. Looks way yummy! I love all things ‘fall’ ish as well as all things curry. *ahem* I would love to (hint hint) be invited to your home for dinner some evening. :o)

  2. emma

    kim, your baking and cooking was delicious. I am so proud of you! -e

  3. the big sister

    that looks so yummy! how is it going with the electrical?

  4. kimschell

    Thanks for the compliments, ladies!!

    Jenn – the electrical … is … the electrical. It’s still going on and is a bit painful, really!

  5. Nicole D

    lol – no I am not in Ontario, I am in Nashville. I am simply craving from looking at your pics and that recipe SO strongly that I am actually SMELLING things. haha!

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