Six Months 1

Here’s a full profile pic of me from tonight! I *heart* my belly!

Today, I actually had the day off clinical and we went to Brad’s cousin’s for a debriefing of his other cousins’ missions trip to Haiti.

Or so I thought.

We arrived, and shortly thereafter, balloons were brought out and placed behind myself and his cousin’s wife.

Guess what the balloons were for? That’s right – surprise Baby Shower!

It was a lot of fun – and quite surprising, as neither of us had ANY clue! We played a game where there was a list of animals and space beside them all to write down the name of the baby type – ie. Goose – gosling. Brad’s mom won by a LONG shot – she got 24/33. To put that in perspective, I got 14, and Brad’s grandpa got 7! Brad’s mom also brought recipe cards and paper for people to write advice on to put in our baby albums – I’m looking forward to reading what other people have to say!

It was a cash shower, so I’m not going to specify what I got (how tacky would that be??) but it was enough that we shouldn’t be NEEDING much more after we’ve spent it. We have been so, so blessed to have so much given to us – or soon to be bought for us – and I really feel quite prepared, even though we don’t have tonnes of stuff.

(I’ll be eating my words soon when I realize how much the little stuff adds up to!)

Six Months 2

Hello in there, little one!



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3 responses to “Surprise!

  1. the big sister

    wow look at that belly! you look so much bigger in these photos kim – in a great way you look amazing 🙂 post piccies of the baby shower if you can

  2. jenny jen

    where’s the birthday related content? i know you’ve been going for 12 hour days so will cut you some slack… but still i miss when you don’t update as often. i love your little bloggy

  3. Oh how fun! I love surprises!!!


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