25 Weeks + Birthday!

Well, I haven’t updated in a long, long time because I have been super busy. This past week looked like this for me:

  • Monday – 12 hour clinical
  • Tuesday – school in afternoon, homework at night
  • Wednesday – 8 hour day at work
  • Thursday – 12 hour clinical
  • Friday -12 hour clinical
  • Saturday – 12 hour clinical

Yeah. That’s how fun it was. This week I have three 12 hour clinical shifts,  the next week I have NONE, the week after I have one and the week of April 1 I have two. And then I’m FINISHED!
So. Not only did Friday mark me being 25 weeks pregnant, it also marked me being 24 years old! I had a good clinical day, got home late(r), and then had homemade panini and lemon cake!! Thanks Crystle – it was fantastic!!! I didn’t get any pics of the birthday dinner, although I should have! The panini were fantastically yummy, as was the from-scratch cake. Mmmm … cake!

In baby-related news, June Bug now weighs 1.5 lbs and is 13 inches from head to toe! He/she can grab his/her own little legs and make fists. I’m feeling TONNES of movement, which is just so! much! fun! Today, June Bug was, I think, doing calisthenics … it felt like he/she was punching with one arm and kicking with one leg at the same time … an odd feeling to be sure! So fun though. Apparently, people can start to hear babies’ heartbeats from the outside now just by putting their ear to the belly. Not so for us – I can’t even find June Bug’s heartbeat with my stethoscope! I think I’m going to ask my midwife tomorrow if she can find it with a stethoscope … maybe I just don’t know what to listen for?

Pictures from this morning:

25 Weeks 1

25 Weeks 2

June Bug is rapidly expanding my tummy – it’s so much fun! My poor belly button though … it’s now a slit. I’m anticipating it’s full retreat in about four weeks. =)



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3 responses to “25 Weeks + Birthday!

  1. jenny jen

    wowowwow you look so different this week, its really real isn’t it?? you’re going to have a baby!!! i LOVE LOVE your belly. you are just so beautiful to me kim. i heart you so much.

  2. kimschell

    You’re such a sweetheart!!! LOL – my belly *does* look different, eh? I love it =) I can’t believe I’ve only got 2.5 weeks left in my second trimester – how crazy’s that??!

  3. jenny jen

    i just can’t believe how big you are already (& i hate saying that b/c it annoyed me so much when ppl said that about me) but its true, you have another trimester left but it seems like you could go anytime (maybe its the angle of the photo??) – kim from last week you look like you doubled up!

    how are things going with your midwife? haven’t heard any updates about her in a while… say hi to mr. brad

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