Product Review – Henckels Knives

It’s been a while since I’ve done a review of anything, so I figured I’d give ‘er! Last night when we were out for dinner, my parents gave me a bread knife to complete my set of Henckels knives.

These are no ordinary knives, people. These are KNIVES. Having grown up only with Henckels knives, I really had no idea they were all that special – until I went to school and had to buy my own and bought whatever set I could afford.

Then I understood.

When Brad and I registered for our wedding, one of the first things I wrote down to put on our registry was a set of Henckels knives. You see, they’re quite expensive and I knew there was no way we could afford to buy them on our own.

We were blessed. For my bridal shower and our wedding, we received all but one knife of those we registered for – the bread knife. We even received the knife block!

Henckels set

(That’s more or less what our set looks like – our block’s got space for 8 steak knives as well).

Honestly, if you’re going to spend any money on knives, I would spring for the Henckels Four Star knives – just make sure they’ve got the “twin” symbol (click here to learn more about the different types of Henckels products). They are not cheap, but they are well worth the price if you use your knives as often as I do – and as long as you’re willing to take care of them and use each knife for it’s created purpose. My mom has had her set for almost 25 years and they still cut just as smoothly as when she first bought them. She taught me last night how to sharpen ours with the actual sharpening steel – it’s a scary process, but I digress – which keeps the blades in beautiful condition without taking off ANY of the steel, which conventional “sharpeners” do.

All this to say, “Thanks, Mom and Dad for the beautiful bread knife!!!” as well as a recommendation to anyone in the market for knives that Henckels are the way to go! And a reminder to myself: purchase Henckels steak knives to complete the set =)


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