26 Weeks!

Well, I know it’s a couple days late, but better late than never!

I was 26 weeks on Friday. June Bug is now 13 inches from head to toe and weighs very close to 2 lbs. He/she can (apparently) move in beat to music – although we haven’t tried this yet – and will soon open his/her eyes and respond to light! I can’t believe how big our baby’s getting!!

Brad and I met my secondary midwife on Monday afternoon – and Brad got to hear June Bug’s heartbeat in person for the first time =) My blood pressure was 110/70, my tummy measured 26 cm, and my weight was 158 (18 lb weight gain). We talked a bit about homebirth and pre-registering. Overall, a good appointment! Except that because of the nasty varicose veins I’ve developed (and am continuing to develop!) she said that if I’m not exercising or drinking water, I need to be sitting with my feet up. She was not so impressed that I’m doing 12-hour shifts, nor that I’m still doing most of my actual job – in fact, she said she was okay with me working only because my boss has agreed to put me on light duties come the beginning of April.

The bad news is – the person that my work hired to take over my position so I could go on light duties beginning in April is now replacing one of my co-workers who was promoted. *sigh* My supervisor was not able to give me a satisfactory answer about where to go from here. In fact, he said that if I had a note from my midwife stating that I need to go on light duties, the department would say they do not accommodate people in my particular position. So we’ve gone from my being accommodated freely to me not being able to be accommodated! Brad and I are concerned that if I’m left in my current position, it’s not only a health risk for me, but that if I can’t work the number of hours I’m given, my maternity pay will be significantly decreased.  Yarg. We’re trying to figure out if it makes more sense for me to go on pregnancy leave early with a good four weeks of pay behind me rather than work for as long as possible and have worse pays. *shrugs* We’ll see!

26 Weeks 1

26 Weeks 2



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3 responses to “26 Weeks!

  1. jenny jen

    that really stinks about work – is there any way you could take sick leave? it pays the same as EI but you can take it up to (i think) 2 months before your due date if you have a valid health reason

    your belly – as usual – is stunning. i sent home a couple mat clothes with mom for you. i think you’ll esp. like the 2 pairs of pants.

    also sent home a bunch of baby stuff, clothes & the baby bath tub. enjoy 🙂

  2. kimschell

    Yeah – I’m part time, so I don’t give sick leave, so that’s not an option!! We’ve got a couple of options, hopefully one of them will work out well!

    I can’t wait to see the clothes and baby stuff – thanks!

  3. jenny jen

    thats too bad. update me soon k?

    darnit! i forgot to give mom the BF’ing book i have for you…

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