Work Update

Well, I made an appointment to see my midwife this morning to discuss work accommodation and what she thinks I should/should not be doing.

She has written me a note that I am to go on ‘light duties’ (meaning no lifting over 10 lbs) as of April 15 – I’ll be 30 weeks along. That means that if my employer is not able to give me ‘light duties’ accommodation, April 15 will be my last day of work, and if they are able to accommodate me (my manager said yesterday that they *should* have two weeks of 22.5 hours of paperwork), I will be going off at the end of April. It’s earlier than planned, but really, with my manual labour job, it would be difficult for me to work until we had planned. The plan (to do data entry for April and May) was lovely, but this one will work too. And this way I get to focus on studying for my RNs, exercising, and getting ready for June Bug’s arrival!


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