27 Weeks! And a contest!

June Bug is going to start opening his/her eyes this week! Up until now, they’ve been fused shut, but he/she is ready to see the world ~ or at least the inside of my uterus! June Bug weighs just over 2 lbs (about 1 kg) and is about 15 inches long. I’m feeling June Bug move CONSTANTLY now ~ although he/she is still shy when other people want to feel! I’ve gotten to feel some really good pokes from little feet and I think I felt some baby bum the other day =)

Pinks and Blues Girls Blog has a contest running – the Blogger Baby Bump Watch 2008!  All you have to do is post a pic of your belly on your blog and you are entered to win a beautiful pink and brown diaper bag ~ people, that’s my two favourite colours in one bag!!! So here’s my belly pics from this week – week 27!

27 Weeks 1

27 Weeks 2

I can’t believe my third trimester starts in a week (this week, according to one of my books!) … the count-down is *so* on! I’ve gained 21 lbs and have yet to get any stretch marks … although I do have the varicose/spider veins to deal with. The lady at Dell Pharmacy gave me some great news when she fitted me for my prescription compression stockings (that’s right, everyone. I said it.) ~  that I don’t need the full-length pantyhose style and that I can stick with thigh-high!!! I just about kissed her =) Brad’s been interacting a lot more with June Bug now that he can actually feel (and see!!) him/her moving around a lot more. It’s the cutest thing ever – having my hubby talk to my belly!



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6 responses to “27 Weeks! And a contest!

  1. Oh, that’s awesome! I’m just now starting my 2nd trimester!!


  2. bee

    Congrats! Great shot!

  3. Wait ’til June Bug sees his/her beautiful mama! I just LOVE your 27-week “bump”… and I am going to venture saying GIRL!

    Thanks for “bumping” with us. And soon that little interactive June Bug will be kicking Daddy!

    We’re excited about following your pregnancy!

    Sharon – Pinks & Blues

  4. kimschell

    Aw, you ladies are too sweet!!

    Sharon – most people are saying ‘girl’ =)

  5. jenny jen

    yay for avoiding stretch marks, altho i thought i did too until after the delivery & thats when they all showed up. your belly is beautiful kim & i agree, i see a girl for you guys 🙂

  6. Oh, I love it when they start to move. It’s so sweet. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing cuter than a daddy talking to a baby belly!

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