Soggy lard bread … and a new toy!

My parents were lovely enough to invite Brad and I home for Easter dinner – it was wonderful!!! My mom made turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce … and, of course gravy. Mmmm … it was sooooo yummy!! I realized, though, that stuffing is the nastiest thing ever – soggy lard bread with some onion and celery stuffed up a turkey’s butt. How is it soooo delicious?

My daddy was also nice enough to take Brad and I to a Tim Hortons on our way to Brantford from Hamilton so we could check out a stroller from a lady on kijiji. We absolutely love it!!! It’s an older Bertini (Australian brand) but it was only used for one child and is in phenomenal condition – ie. it looks like it’s never been used!

It reclines *almost* right down (very slight angle) and has a five-point harness.

Stroller 1

It comes with the actual Bertini rain cover that snaps onto the frame and actually has boning in it so it doesn’t blow in June Bug’s face.

Stroller rain

And it comes with a boot for the newborn/winter times!

Stroller boot

The canopy has a peek-a-boo window to see baby that has a velcro cover (to keep the sun out) and three pockets on the back – two about the right size for water bottles, and the middle one is pretty big – could easily fit wallet, keys, cell phone, snacks, etc., plus there’s a zippered part inside. The basket at the bottom is pretty big and has a zippered component at the front and it fairly accessible in the recline position. The tires are pneumatic and 12″ – those puppies’ll push through ANYTHING! All four wheels also move independently, so you can LITERALLY turn the stroller on a dime – you can also lock them for going straight. Umm … what else. The foot cover comes off to be washed (and is covered with fabric/plastic), as does the reversible seat cushion. The handle is adjustable (short and tall alike can push in comfort!), and there’s a removable bumper bar to which one can attach a toddler seat (similar to this … just scroll down).

And the best part? We’re not buying new – so we’re saving resources – AND it was only $125!! I can’t wait to try it out with June Bug inside!! I’m planning to use a baby carrier (probably the Moby Wrap) for the first bit anyways, but it’ll be nice to have the stroller for longer trips!



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9 responses to “Soggy lard bread … and a new toy!

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  2. jenny jen

    i’m so insanely jeleous you got to eat mom’s stuffing. i can’t help it. its the best in the whole world. hands down.

    also love the pram. its adorable! do you think it will work with our carseat? it should… most models are interchangeable…

  3. kimschell

    MMM …. for sure, mom’s stuffing is THE best!!!

    You have to buy a carseat adaptor for it, but we’re not planning on using a carseat with it – there’s not much point, seeing as how we’re not needing to transfer June Bug from car to stroller =) It’s got a five-point restraint so it’s fine to use from birth, but I’m anticipating wearing the baby for the first weeks anyways.

  4. jenny jen

    oh so you don’t want me to bring my carseat with us in may?

  5. Emily

    “soggy lard bread with some onion and celery stuffed up a turkey’s butt” Ewww!! I don’t think I have ever heard it described that way. Of course, everyone I know makes it in a pan (so I guess it is technically dressing and not stuffing) and I don’t eat it anyway, but still…ewww!!

    That stroller is awesome!!

  6. kimschell

    LOL, Emily!!!! My mama never makes it anywhere but IN a turkey, and it’s absolutely delicious!

    Thanks, I like my stroller too =)

    Jenny – no, we still need the carseat for those “just in case” times when we will actually drive – if you’re willing to lend it to us, that is!

  7. jenny jen

    of course!! its all yours 🙂 we’ll need it back when you’re done with it but we’re in no rush at all.

  8. Hello, I came across your entry because I am researching bertini strollers.

    I found this exact stroller at resale store in town. I want to buy it for my son who is 2 years old because other strollers are too big for him. But I would like a new stroller to also be able to be used for an infant if we have another child down the line.

    How did this stroller work out for your “june bug”?

    Thank you!

  9. kimschell

    Well, we’ve only used the stroller once since her birth. It was REALLY big for a tiny, tiny infant, but when we did eventually try it out (I think she was around 1 month) she appeared decently supported and comfortable. The problem is, she screamed the whole time =) It was during her “fussy” time, and I’d popped her in the sling every other time we’d gone out, so I think she was upset about the whole arrangement. We haven’t tried it again simply because we haven’t had much of a chance – when I go out on my own during the day, the ring sling is easier! I hope to try it again soon, though.

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