28 Weeks! 7 Months!

28 Weeks profile

Wow – I’m in the home stretch – my third trimester! I can hardly believe just how quickly my pregnancy has flown. I’m sure it’s got something to do with my ridiculous work/school schedule, and it’s really been quite nice for this last two semesters to fly be so quickly. But yeah. Third trimester! It feels like just yesterday we saw that second line and spent our anniversary celebration in awe and shock and hushed whispers about the life I was carrying.

So now, at 28 weeks June Bug is definitely opening and closing his/her eyes.  He/she is between 2.25 – 2.5 lbs and is about 16 inches long. June Bug’s brain, which until now was very smooth, is now beginning to develop the deep ridges that everyone associates with human brains – he/she is building neuronal pathways like crazy!!! June Bug’s main purpose for staying in my womb for another 12 weeks is to pack on fat and for his/her lungs and other organs to develop to the point where they can sustain his/her life without help.

28 Weeks 1

28 Weeks 2



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3 responses to “28 Weeks! 7 Months!

  1. I love the shirt in the first picture!! cute cute!! 🙂 You’ve had some really cute shirts! I love that about pregnancy pics… you get to see the maternity wardrobe 😉

  2. kimschell

    Thanks =) I got the shirt in the top picture from Old Navy … it’s a momma giraffe and a baby giraffe … I’ve also got a blue one with a momma and baby zebra – they were TOO CUTE to pass up!

  3. jenny jen

    hey sexy momma! woweee you look good

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