30 Weeks!!! 10 Weeks Until Due Date!!

Although it could really be anywhere from 8 weeks from now until 12 weeks from now.

June Bug currently weighs 3 lbs (like a cantaloupe!) and is about 17 inches from head to toe. He/she is getting very squished! June Bug is practicing breathing by breathing amniotic fluid in and out. Little toe nails are growing on some very tiny and very cute toes, and the bone marrow has taken over red blood cell production from the liver. I can’t believe how complex our baby is – God truly is amazing to have created the little one growing in my womb. We’re so blessed!

I got a shower invite from my sister Jenny in the mail this week – it’s for May 3!! She was wonderful enough to mention that we are going to be using cloth diapers with June Bug, as well as mentioning some of the products we’d like! (Click here to view the registry I set up so I can keep track of what I want/need in terms of cloth diapers!) We’ve decided to wash our own diapers, and Brad’s mom and grandma were kind enough to offer to sew me some home-made diapers! I can’t wait to see them! I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty pumped about my shower!!!

Belly Pics!

It’s getting big!!!



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7 responses to “30 Weeks!!! 10 Weeks Until Due Date!!

  1. jenny jen

    i’m pumped about your shower too. kim, i think you are going to love the theme & the games & the food. oh & the decorations. all of it. its going to be so much fun! šŸ™‚ you look so amazing in this weeks photo. are you feeling lots of movements? have you had any vivid dreams? are you starting to have to pee alot??
    xxxx thinking of you lots

  2. jenny jen

    i keep forgetting to ask you, did you get the clothes i sent down with mom? (the gap pants & lululemon shirt..)

  3. kimschell

    Lots of movement?? Oh yeah! June Bug loves doing flips =) No to vivid dreams and having to pee a lot. I had crazy dreams in my first trimester, but I haven’t had any since!

    I did get the clothes – I actually already have the khaki pants!!! Thanks though, I appreciate it! I don’t think the shirt fits – although I haven’t quite tried it yet.

  4. jenny jen

    you’ll be suprised, the shirt is a yoga shirt & has a ton of stretch. i was wearing it right until liam was born & i was massive. too funny about the pants

  5. Hey Kim – great to read about Junebug šŸ˜‰

    My sister had her baby boy 9.5weeks early on Saturday – crazy! Little boy William!

    It’s crazy-baby season, everyone’s popping them out!

    Best of luck for the next couple of weeks – Di says hi!

  6. kimschell

    Russell!! Good to see you – you need to update your blog =D

    9.5 weeks early is waaaay too early – that’s like NOW!! I’ll be keeping her and baby William in my prayers. (BTW, if our baby is a boy, he’ll be a William, too!)

    Say “hi!” back to Di for me – I miss you guys!

  7. 30 weeks?!? WOW!

    You look fantabulous! šŸ™‚

    I’m pondering the idea of cloth diapers, but they still skeeve me out a bit. The pocket kind don’t sound so bad though.

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