31 Week Update

31 weeks + 3 days already. It’s flying by, people!! Things here are very good – I’m settling into my new routine of not having to go to school and have clinical for 24+ hours a week, and am enjoying the ability to sit down and rest.Right now, June Bug is about 3.5 lbs and around 18 inches long from head to toe. Really the only thing going on in there is that he/she is gaining much-needed fat stores and his/her lungs are developing for life outside the womb. June Bug’s irises can actually respond to light AND, crazily enough, he/she can tell the difference between sunlight and artificial light! Our baby’s a genius!

I had my 31 week check-up today. My blood pressure was 96/58, baby’s heart rate was 138, my urine was negative for protein and glucose, my fundus is measuring at 32 weeks, and I’ve gained a total of 22 lbs! Not too shabby =) My midwife said that currently June Bug is butt down, but they’re not really concerned about those types of things at this point. June Bug switches positions so much that I’m assuming he/she will assume the head-down position eventually! She said it feels like I have a really good ratio of fluid : space : baby in there, so June Bug’s got lots of room to move around and she’s not concerned that breech will be an issue. I did learn from her that breech = caesarean though … no one will deliver a breech baby anymore. That makes me a bit sad – I would prefer to have the option to give birth vaginally if June Bug stays breech. Ah well, we’ll cross that bridge if we need to!

My varicose veins are hurting less lately … I’ve gotten prescription strength support hose (nothing says “grandma” “hot mama” like support hose!) that are helping quite a bit. Just before I got them I was noticing that I had some pitting edema in my foot – not good! (For those of you who don’t know that term, pitting edema is swelling that when you push on actually leaves an indent … it’s not generally indicative of good things!) The swelling is gone, though, and I have an ankle again! So, although they’re not the most comfortable contraptions, they are helping, and I’m a good girl and wear them. They sure will put a damper on what I can wear this summer, though!

Belly pics!! These were taken on Saturday =)

Although I feel like my belly hasn’t grown much in the past few weeks, I know that it has!!


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7 responses to “31 Week Update

  1. Your belly SO looks like mine did! I think next pregnancy I want some support hose, think it would help with pre-e swelling at all?

  2. kimschell

    *grins* I know, eh? I’ve *gotta* be havin’ a girl! LOL

    Support hose would probably help with pre-e swelling … I don’t see why not! Your doc could probably tell you better … you have to get a prescription for the medical grade ones, though, b/c the “regular” strength aren’t strong enough.

  3. jenny jen

    I would prefer to have the option to give birth vaginally if June Bug stays breech

    is that a joke?? oh kimmers… :/

    woweee you look good sweets

  4. kimschell

    Thanks =) And no, it’s not a joke. All the information I’ve seen does not lead me to be concerned if June Bug were to be in a frank breech position at the onset of labour. With a *skilled* breech birth attendant, there’s no increased risk if the baby is in a frank breech position. Obviously, though, I would go with a cesarean if June Bug stayed breech – since there are no skilled birth attendants available.

  5. jenny jen

    you are very well informed but braver than me (obviously!)

  6. Hi there found you from chelsea’s blog.
    I’m currently 28 weeks preagnant so I’ll be following your “story”. It’ll be fun to watch your baby grow! If you’d like access to my blog(it’s private for safety) please email me. I entered it in the required field.

  7. jenny jen

    you’re behind on the updates! more belly shots please 😉

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