32 Weeks!

And it gets closer and closer!

June Bug weighs around 4 lbs and is about 19 inches long from head to toe. Apparently, he/she may already have a full head of hair – although with genes from Brad and I to deal with, the likelihood is that the poor thing will never have hair! I’m pretty sure that June Bug’s head down now (from the location of the hiccups I’m feeling now!!) and I’m loving feeling little body parts poking out at me!

My last official day of work is Friday. I. Can’t. Wait.

Although I don’t LOOK a tonne bigger, I’m definitely starting to feel like I’m big! I’ve felt pregnant for a while, but now my belly actually gets in the way of stuff =) Heehee. I love it! I’m still sleeping fairly well – although on occasion I have a bad sleep and wake up often. I do, however, gotta get my butt in gear and pack an emergency hospital bag since I’m 32 weeks now! And the midwives like you to have all your homebirth stuff in order by 36, so I’ve gotta get on that, too! Our co-sleeper should be getting shipped to us around the 26th, so that’ll make me feel a touch more prepared than I feel now! I’ve also taken Birthing From Within and Active Birth out of my midwives’ lending library and got The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way (oh, the irony), and Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book in the mail last week!!! I will have no shortage of reading to do with my time off soon! We also start our childbirth education course tomorrow night – I’m definitely looking forward to that!



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11 responses to “32 Weeks!

  1. kimschell

    I know!!! It’s utter insanity!!

  2. jenny jen

    LOL @ the hair comment. chances are it’ll be born with hair, but will all fall out & grow back (i think all 3 of us had that happen & liam kept the tradition)

    you look amazing! all belly.. i love it. how much weight have you gained? (i think by then i was up 40 pounds 😉

  3. jenny jen

    nice pants!!

  4. kimschell

    At my last appointment, I had gained 22 lbs! =)

  5. Hey there..Its an amazing experience when u gave birth to ur own baby..I’ve had goin thru that experience almost a year before..How sweet it is when u have to spend 9 1/2hrs in the labour room, and it only takes 3 mins for me to push the baby from my belly..all the best to u ya..

  6. Thank you for the comment on my blog! You look great! You’ve got a great book selection too; I’m reading several of those too 🙂

  7. Wow…a nice smooth belly…I never had that even with my first one! LOL I have stretch marks up past my belly button!

    Don’t worry…you will just get bigger as the Big Day approaches! With my first most of my belly showed up right around Thanksgiving (he was born New Year’s Eve) and it just kept getting bigger. I was in tech school at the time and my instructor always made fun of me because it seemed like every class my belly was bigger than the last!

    Good luck! And don’t kill yourself “getting prepared”. Even after all your careful plans, you always find something that should have been done or done differently! LOL


  8. You like feeling those little body parts now… wait until they start to bruise you! I had a sore spot under my ribs for six weeks after Mary was born from where she had her little feet jammed!

    And now she is almost 10 months old..! Be careful, time actually does speed up after you have a baby.

  9. kimschell

    Ezna – thanks for the good wishes =) I hope I only push for 3 mins!!!

    Shannon – thanks for stopping by! Glad I’ve got great taste in books =)

    Sandy – I’m actually SHOCKED that I don’t have stretch marks. I got quite a few during puberty, so I was anticipating getting more very early on … maybe I just have to deal with the varicose veins?? *crosses fingers*

    Chelsea – I spoke too soon! June Bug’s been trying to escape through my belly button all day … it HURTS!! LOL

  10. jenny jen

    hey i saw this floating out there in internet land & thought of you

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