A post about something other than June Bug! I was beginning to think it wasn’t possible!!

However, my bloggy friends, I’m actually going to write about knitting. I have missed it. I haven’t picked up yarn and needles since Christmas when my sister got me my fabulous metal sock needles and I COMPLETELY lost any amount of time to seriously devote to the craft that I love. However, after receiving a certain email (I won’t talk about it now because it’ll give away my project!!), I was spurred into action. I needed to knit something, and I needed to start knitting it now and finish the object ASAP.

So, I took my butt down to Yarnopolis (aka Ashley Yarns) and there I met a very lovely knitter and yarn store manager, Steph! She helped me pick out my yarn and we had a lovely chat about various women’s studies issues. I loved the store, and I’m very glad I made the venture!! It’s not the most convenient of yarn store locations (try a mighty long 30 min bus ride!), but it’s the closest yarn store to me, which I suppose makes it my LYS (aka Local Yarn Store). They even carry a selection of fair trade yarns!!!

Anyways, we picked out two yarns – a cotton weight and a novelty yarn … I’m knitting double stranded, yo! (No …. not yarn over … I actually meant ‘yo’.)

Can I say how it never ceases to amaze me that you can start with yarn and needles and end with fabric? It’s incredible that I can make something by pulling loops of yarn through other yarn. I’m hoping to finish this object this weekend, if I can, so you won’t have to wait too long in utter suspense of what it is =) The picture doesn’t quite do the hues of purple justice, but it’s all I had to work with … the other pics were either too fuzzy or too blue.

p.s. I finished The Friday Night Knitting Club. It was phenomenal. That may or may not have something to do with the why I was so excited to pick up my knitting again. May or may not.



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2 responses to “Gasp!

  1. I’m always impressed by people who can knit. I can sew, but crafts involving yarn are beyond me.

  2. jenny jen

    i love love purple, whatever it is i know its going to be beautiful. you are a fabulous knitter!!

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