33 Weeks!

Yep – 33 weeks. That means one month until I’m considered full term, and only 7 weeks until June Bug’s due date. By this week, June Bug weighs around 4.5 lbs (2 kg) and is around 19 inches long. His/her main job is to put on fat and mature those lungs!

I’ve been having some troubles sleeping the last week (lots of waking up and hip pain!) but last night I slept WONDERFULLY!! I only woke up once between 11 pm and 5:30 am, when I got up to use the bathroom, and then woke once between then and the alarm at 7:30 and was even able to sleep with the snooze until 8. Although that sounds like a lot of wake-ups (3 or 4), that’s a LOT of uninterrupted sleep for me! I’m wondering if I wake during the week more often because I’m not sleeping as deeply because of June Bug’s movements and the trains are waking me up up every hour or two. I guess it doesn’t really matter WHY, but it was nice to get a great night’s sleep! And my hips didn’t hurt throughout the night, which was lovely!!!

Here’s this week’s belly pics:

I’m definitely waddling now and it’s taking extra effort to climb the 17 steps (!!!!!) upstairs, and coming downstairs I’m having to be much more careful (ie. hang onto the railing and take my time). I try to plan my trips upstairs now =)



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5 responses to “33 Weeks!

  1. jenny jen

    be careful of the stairs sis! “you look ready to pop,” says shaun 🙂 less than a week till we see you, can’t wait!

  2. kimschell

    LOL – thanks!! The stairs are funny … I look sooooo pregnant waddling down them =) Tell Shaun thanks =)

  3. april

    I was looking for belly pics and came across your blog… I’m almost 17 weeks, and I’m definitely not showing near as much as you were – but I think that’s okay since we’re all different. Anyway, best wishes. I take that you didn’t find out if it is a girl or a boy? We want to find out but 18 weeks seems so soon, I think I would enjoy not knowing a little longer!

  4. Heather

    Found your blog by happy accident…I’m 10 weeks preggo and LOVED seeing your progression pics! Thanks for sharing your new little one with the world!

    – Heather

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