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38 Weeks Already!

June Bug is completely developed and ready to make his/her entrance at any time now. That’s just crazy! He/she weighs between 6.5 and 7 pounds and is around 20 – 21 inches long. Alllllllll curled up in there and comfy! I must admit, I’m now getting a wee bit antsy to find out who’s in there. Boy or girl??? Continue reading



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“Waddles can’t walk that fast!”

… said I to my husband last night as we went for a walk. “Slow down!”

(Yes. I call myself ‘waddles’. ‘Preggo’ and ‘preggers’ are also often used. Most often when talking about food, for example, “Preggers wants cake!” or “Preggo wants a hamburger!” I’m classy.) Continue reading


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Home Reno Time!!!

** Warning: Photo heavy post **

Well, my dad came up today to finish up the sanding on June Bug’s room, so other than priming that wall (which should take no time at all and I might do tomorrow), it’s done!! Here’s our photo journey of the past week of renovations. Continue reading

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37 Weeks! Full Term!

Holy crap, people! Do you know what that means? It means that June Bug could come at any time and we’d be having him/her arrive at home! Wow. Wow. Wow. Continue reading


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How cool is this?

A local reporter contacted Crystle and asked if she could come and interview us. We set up a potluck last month and she came and we had a blast eating together and chatting about what we’re doing as a community of believers and why.

Turns out she has submitted a synopsis of the story to our local newspaper and they are VERY interested in covering the story! So, in all likelihood, we’re going to be in the paper! So. Cool. =)

Oh!!! And I thought I should update on this, as well. Our community numbers have been expanding! Jan, a 25-year missionary veteran who has been back in Canada only two years, co-worker of Crystle, Crystle’s ride to work, and member of our church, has been joining us for morning prayer (we meet together Wednesday mornings to pray) and coming to our potlucks for some time now. She has been looking and praying for a house, and whaddya know? That’s right, people. She recently (last week!) bought the house on the OTHER side of Graham and Emma? Two houses beside one another for intentional community? You could argue coincidence. Three houses in a row? There’s no mistaking that for anything but God moving. It’s amazing. And encouraging. And exhilarating! She’ll hopefully be moving in sometime in late July or August. Welcome to the neighbourhood, Jan!

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Baby Update

Well, I had my 36 week appointment yesterday and all was wonderful! My BP was 120/78, I’ve gained a total of 28 lbs, June Bug’s heart rate was in the 140’s and was head down and “quite low”. Wuhoo! We’ve also officially got all the supplies for the homebirth now, too! A good friend lent us some supplies from their homebirth (a hot water bottle, goose-neck lamp, set of old sheets, and a tonne of old towels/facecloths) and I purchased a birth pool (read: kiddie pool) yesterday and a shower curtain today, so that makes everything! (In case you’re interested, we’ve also got some warm hats, onesies, receiving blankets, a container for the placenta, ummm … what else … I think that’s about it). My primary midwife will be doing a home visit next Tuesday and will be dropping off their homebirth kit that’s got all the medical goodies in it. (By the way, June Bug currently has the hiccups. It’s too cute!)

My dad is being awesome right now and putting the dry wall up in our closet! He did the frame and drywall on the wall to June Bug’s room yesterday and is just waiting for the dry wall mud to dry so he can sand it. He’s a machine! Thanks, Daddy!

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36 Weeks! 9 Months!

Wow – I can’t believe I’m 9 months pregnant. Nine 28-day (lunar) months, that is. June Bug weighs around 6 lbs – 6 lbs!!! – and is between 18 – 20 inches long. He/she will put on about an ounce per day between now and birth. Both the vernix and lanugo that covered June Bug is starting to disappear in preparation for his/her exit from the world of amniotic fluid. At my visit last week, June Bug was still behaving and head down, heart rate was 144, my BP was 106/74, there was no protein or glucose in my urine, and I’ve gained a total of 28 lbs. Apparently many people don’t gain much between now and delivery, so I’m hoping to hop on that bandwagon. Don’t worry though – I won’t deny myself food … it’s too important to growing my wee one! Continue reading

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