34 Weeks!

Breathe. Three weeks till full term. Breathe.

June Bug weighs around 5 lbs (!!!) and is almost 20 inches long from head to toe. He/she is tumbling around in my belly (to mine and Brad’s great delight) and is packing on the pounds. Apparently the hair that covered his/her body is decreasing and the vernix (think cottage cheese) is increasing in anticipation of delivery. To see how big June Bug is, click HERE.

My big sister, Jenny, threw me a shower this weekend – it was absolutely wonderful!! We got a TONNE of stuff for cloth diapering as well as a lot of awesome gender-neutral sleepers and onesies, toys, blankets, and a few really nice keepsake items. I’ll have to take some pics of stuff later! Thanks again, Jenny – it was a blast!

Oh!! And wonderful, wonderful news – my big sister, Becky, got engaged on Friday!!!! I’m so happy for her – congrats, Beck!!!

Our co-sleeper arrived on Friday – yay!!! I can’t wait to get it all set up =) I also ordered a bunch of diaper covers in the last week, so I’m feeling infinitely more prepared than I was a little while ago! It’s insane to me that our baby could arrive in 3 weeks and still be born at home … but also that it could be another 6 weeks until we get to meet him/her! I’m starting to get antsy to meet our little June Bug!

Here’s my belly pics for 34 weeks:

I can’t believe it’s going to get bigger.


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2 responses to “34 Weeks!

  1. I think Vernix is more like Crisco then cottage cheese, the stuff goes on and doesn’t come off, lol!

  2. kimschell

    oh really?? that sounds even *more* delicious! LOL

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