Baby Shower Items!!

Well, Chelsea, your scheme worked for one post anyways =)

Brad and I have truly been so blessed! Our beautiful diaper covers arrived on Tuesday:

We got 4 small and 4 mediums from a lady in Las Vegas =) They’re beautiful and SO SOFT and tiny! The brand is Stacinator, and here’s the detail on the inside – note the plethora of snaps for custom-fitting them =)

In case you’re confused on how we would use this, we’ll be using them with these:

They’re called Diaper Service Quality Prefold diapers – and my mom and dad got us a WHOLE BOX FULL (2 dozen) for my shower =) They’re the unbleached variety, so I need to wash and dry them a few times to get them to the point where they’re useful, but that’s the point – they’re natural =) Brad’s mom and Grandma have made us some contoured diapers as well, so we’re not sure yet whether or not we’re going to keep the 2 dozen in the infant size or exchange 1 dozen for the premium size. We’ll see!

We also got:

Two diaper pails and two Bummis waterproof totes from my sisters – along with a plethora of toys from each =)

An entire Rubbermaid bin FULL of onesies, sleepers, bibs, towels/blankets, and even a homemade crib sheet set!

And what I think could be the coolest gift ever:

That’s right people – it’s a Clifford blanket/playmat from my good friend Mary Anne’s parents =)

June Bug is SURE to absolutely LOVE IT!!!

I just wanted to say “Thank you” again to my sister Jenn for hosting my shower and planning a beautiful afternoon! I had a tonne of fun and God truly has provided for us. I was terrified not so long ago that we would have NOTHING for our little one (ie. clothes, diapers, etc.) and we’ve just been blessed and blessed by our families and friends and I’m just so grateful! Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Erin

    I LOVE the Clifford mat! It would go great with my doggy theme!! Must find doggy mat….=)

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