Holy Laundry, Batman!

So, I’ve pretty much spent the last three days doing laundry. Yes – three days! I’ve currently got my last load in the washer and dryer and it feels GREAT! I’ve washed all the baby clothes that we were either given or are borrowing and they’re sorted by size – newborn and 0-3 month, 3-6 month, and more than 6 months. I’ve also washed all the blankets, facecloths, towels, and bibs and well as prepped all the cloth diapering stuff. (Unbleached prefolds? Ugly when you get them, but they really fluff up perty once you prep them!!) The diapers that Brad’s Grandma made are really nice, and fluff up when you prep them, as well!

So, I’m feeling much more prepared about this whole could-potentially-have-a-baby-in-a-week-and-a-half thing. I’m just waiting for my newborn diaper covers to be shipped to me and then I need to prep all the wool covers and I’m pretty well done! My dad is coming up early next week to build the wall to June Bug’s/the guest room as well as make mine and Brad’s closet nice … as a housewarming gift, my parents are giving us a closet organizer! We’re quite excited about it all because our closet. is. nasty. shudder. I try not to think about it much when I’m in there, but it’s really quite an icky space. So, once that’s done and all the sanding is complete, Brad and I will set up the co-sleeper so I can gaze longingly at it every night =) I can’t wait to see what it looks like all set up – I’ll definitely take some pictures! I even washed the liner already, so the only thing left to wash for it is the fitted sheet for the little mattress.

Oh – and can I say how much I love our new detergent (Claudia’s Choices)? The clothes feel and smell SO CLEAN – but not like any scents. It’s great. And the greatest part is that normally I hate hanging bedclothes and towels because they seem crunchy when they’re dry. But with this stuff? I washed a pillow case and a few hand towels with a load last week and they came out soft!!! Love it!


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  1. the big sis

    “could-potentially-have-a-baby-in-a-week-and-a-half thing”

    holy cow!!! pics please sis, i bet your belly is sooo pritty right now 🙂

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