36 Weeks! 9 Months!

Wow – I can’t believe I’m 9 months pregnant. Nine 28-day (lunar) months, that is. June Bug weighs around 6 lbs – 6 lbs!!! – and is between 18 – 20 inches long. He/she will put on about an ounce per day between now and birth. Both the vernix and lanugo that covered June Bug is starting to disappear in preparation for his/her exit from the world of amniotic fluid. At my visit last week, June Bug was still behaving and head down, heart rate was 144, my BP was 106/74, there was no protein or glucose in my urine, and I’ve gained a total of 28 lbs. Apparently many people don’t gain much between now and delivery, so I’m hoping to hop on that bandwagon. Don’t worry though – I won’t deny myself food … it’s too important to growing my wee one!

We’ve since finished our childbirth education course, which both Brad and I rather enjoyed – and I’m definitely glad we did it … I learned more than I thought I would!

Full profile pic:

Covered belly:

Bare Belly:


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